Thursday, May 21, 2015

Keeping pace on the treadmill

London, ON
May 2015
The scene: It's 7:40 a.m. in the parking garage. I've just locked the car and am walking, quickly, to the exit. My office phone six storeys above my head is scheduled to ring at 7:45, at which point I'll be talking tech with a couple of radio hosts in a faraway city. I'm so worried about the time that I don't slow down to take this shot. I know it's going to be blurry, but I don't have the time to care. Silly, I know.

While I normally like to get into the office early enough that I can settle in and get ready for the day, I was rather slow getting out of the house today. Couple that with a bit of uncharacteristically early traffic and I ended up cutting it closer than usual. I know journalists like to do things on deadline, but this by-the-second existence can be a bit much.

Tomorrow I think I'll leave the newspaper-reading till later. And I think I'll leave the car at home and take the bike. Time to shake things up a bit.

Your turn: What's the one change you'll make to improve your life?

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Gilly said...

I am thankfully, some years away from that terrible racing around in the morning scenario! Eating toast in the car driving to work on an early shift is not really to be recommended!

But I would like to take a more positive view of life at the moment - maybe I should stand up straight, look life in the eye, and get on with it!