Wednesday, September 09, 2015

An Apple a day

In control
London, ON
September 2015
The tech world is abuzz with news from San Francisco, as Apple unveils a bunch of new products at its much anticipated September event.

So far, the company has announced a new giant iPad, known as the iPad Pro, a heavily updated Apple TV‎, and an updated operating system for the Apple Watch.

Does any of this ‎solve the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Middle East and Europe? Not even close. But as an example of tech improving the way we live, it makes for a fun day.

Given what I do, it's made for a busy day for me. I started the day with a series of interviews with CBC Radio stations across the country, spoke live with BNN's Michael Hainsworth, and then sat in with him and Amber Kanwar on a Google Hangout, and am spending the afternoon at CTV London covering the story for a variety of Bell Media properties. It's an interesting way to spend the day, and for all the challenges of being a tech journalist in 2015, it's a pretty cool way to spend the day.

More Apple goodness later. For now, I've gotta go speak and write. Here's what my little studio looks like. Lovely, isn't it?

More fun Apple stuff:

  • Spoke live with BNN's Michael Hainsworth, then joined him and Amber Kanwar for a live Google Hangout as the event got underway.
  • Joined the Tech with Todd panel on CTV News Channel along with Erin Bury, who was at the event. Video here.
  • Spoke with Tara Overholt from the CTV London anchor desk during the 6pm newscast. Video here.
  • Promoted the coverage via Twitter, here.

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