Friday, September 04, 2015

Speak into the mic

This is what sound looks like
Toronto, ON
August 2015
Scenes like this bring me a strange sense of comfort. While it may seem counterintuitive to seal yourself into a tiny room and speak into a microphone to disembodied voices who may be hundreds or thousands of miles away, there's something very cool about that moment when you take your first breath and begin speaking.

There's an energy to that tiny beat in time, when your brain gathers up its thoughts and begins streaming them out in audible form. It's like when you first start riding a bike, those furtive first few seconds as you push off and let your feet find their rhythm in the pedals. You can almost feel the unseen power of the universe keeping you upright and moving. You feel alive.

‎The same logic applies when the mic goes live, when you push off from a standing start, and you hope the words flow. Inevitably they do, and inevitably you feel that sense of motion, and you feel lucky to be in this chair, in this place. If I smile while I talk into the mic, now you know why.

Your turn: What day-to-day activity makes you smile?

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