Sunday, September 27, 2015

Lessons from a darkening sky

Every once in a while, you find yourself staring west into a darkening sky as the sun sinks below the horizon. It may indeed happen every day, but somehow we always seem to miss it because we're too busy with the comings and goings of life on the ground to pay attention to what's going on way above it.

But moments like the one you see here serve as not-so-stark reminders that we miss quite the show by not stopping what we're doing to simply take it all in.

For all the deadlines we might be fighting, fires we might be putting out, and needs we might be meeting‎, we all get a limited number of darkening evening skies to enjoy. Likewise, we're allocated a set supply of morning sunrises, autumn walks and games of fetch with the kids, the dog, or both.

‎My own head may be buried in a glowing screen or windowless studio when one of those fleeting moments decides to present itself. And I can't very well miss deadlines and deliverables just because something pretty is happening outside Right Now.

But life moves quickly, and in only one direction. I'd hate to hit every deadline only to get to the end of it all and realize I never took the time to enjoy the little moments that reward us all for working so hard in the first place.

Take the time. A few minutes staring out the window is always good for the soul. And those deadlines will still be there when you get back.


Hilary said...

A few minutes staring.. a few more getting outside and becoming part of it. Yes, it's very good for the soul... as are your beautiful photos and words. So nice to see that you dropped by, Carmi. :)

Karen S. said...

You are so right, and when we do, what a reward!

Gilly's Camera said...

This has been a timely reminder for me of late. Thank you so very much indeed.