Thursday, January 10, 2019

What keeps us warm far from home

Textured heat
Toronto, ON
January 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
The scene: A hallway in our Toronto office. I've come here from London for the day, as I do most weeks, to do stuff for work. I get to collaborate with some incredibly smart, creative, kind people, and we get to produce the kind of content a much younger me could have only dreamed of.

The days here are action-packed. If I'm not standing in front of a camera trying to sound intelligent, I'm zinging from meeting to meeting with still more smart, creative, kind folks, trying to figure out ways to help them, too. We never run out of things to do, ideas to hatch, opportunities to follow, and it often takes the entire train ride home to decompress and process the events of the day. It's work that matters and inspires.

Which brings me to this radiator, lovingly crafted by someone long before I was born. It's been warming this place through its various incarnations of Masonic temple, concert hall that played host to rock's biggest acts, and TV studio where some of the country's most iconic shows originated. This place has both made and witnessed history, and now we get to make our own history here.

They don't make radiators like this anymore. An engineer might applaud that fact, as I doubt they're terribly energy-efficient, and they burn like heck when touched. But the sheer loveliness of this thing was all that mattered on a snowy afternoon when I needed to freeze time for a few minutes before the next meeting was scheduled to begin.

To think I would have missed this if I hadn't looked down. To think photography has the power to pause the world for a bit because I just needed to catch my breath.

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