Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Yes, we have no bananas

Eating healthy. Eventually.
London, ON
January 2019
This photo originally shared on Instagram
I know what you're thinking: Bananas? Seriously? Freaking bananas? And green ones, at that?

Allow me to explain, for there's a reason they're showing up in my feed today.

I woke up before 4am today. The wind chill was touching -35C, and I had a pre-dawn date with a train, and a delightfully packed day in the big city to the east.

I successfully dressed myself in clothes that make me look like an adult, and managed to de-ice Henrietta v2.0 and drive her safely downtown. I'm pretty sure I have frostbite on my nose from the short final walk from the parking lot to Via Rail.

As I sit on a train rolling smoothly through the southwestern Ontario countryside, the window is cold and dark, with flashes of light as we pass by level crossings and strip malls. No one inside makes eye contact, the only discernible sound the tapping of keys from a laptop across the aisle.

Part of me wishes I could toss fairy dust over my fellow travellers, to bring them a small snippet of brightness to beat back the chilled, silent, grey pall of our current, collective existence. But that's apparently a no-no on Via Rail.

Hence the bananas, my simple attempt to jolt some color into a world that seems to have too little of it. These days I find myself looking for more scenes like this because I still believe they hold the potential to change the direction of those who see them.

Today it's green bananas. Tomorrow? Don't know yet, but I promise you it'll be similarly colorful and weird. Because we could all use a bit more of both.

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