Wednesday, March 02, 2005

In like a lion...

This is an image from my walk into work yesterday. I guess y'all now know what the weather is like in London, Ontario, Canada. Sigh, at this rate, I'll be riding my bicycle by July.

But enough about me. Now it's your turn:
  • Where are you on the planet?
  • What's the weather like in your part of the world?
  • How are you coping?
  • Can you head outside and grab a quick picture to post to your own blog?


veach glines said...

--In the middle of the Sonoran Desert, commonly known as Phoenix, Arizona, US.
--Weather? Well, it did rain last month a few hours more than it has in the past half-decade, but mostly the weather here isn't.
--The sharp blue in the sky sometimes causes other people angst. In five months the only way I'll see it will be through the window of an airconditioned room or car.
--OK. I'll post one (but it will be boring compared to your wondorous branches holding their weight in fluffy snow).

Mike Wood said...

already done it. :) And I posted a panorama on Flickr this morning.

Unknown said...

I am in western NY in the US.

If you check my blog you will see the weather is snow, snow & more snow. Will it never end???

Coping? Thinking about baking. Cookies. with chocolate chips.

I'd post a picture but it would look just like yours. Also, my photoblog has a few.

DeAnn said...

I'm in Oregon and it's been unseasonably warm here in the Portland area.

But I did cope with the cold by going to Belize!

Anonymous said...

Where ---> Montreal, Quebec
Snow depth ---> 30 cm (plus)
Coping ---> we dont have snow days at Concordia University. It's Winter, you either get out there or go crazy inside.
Coping food --> Good food
Pics ---> to follow


Chris said...

- Vancouver, BC (actually, Aldergrove, which is about 60km east of Vancouver, but no one outside of the lower mainland has ever heard of it).

- Warm but threatening rain at the moment, after almost 2 weeks of unseasonably glorious sunshine

- By bragging about it on any blog foolish enough to invites me to do so ;-)

- Forgot to bring my camera to work today, but I posted a few recent shots earlier this week.

Christine said...

I know this time of year those of us who get a lot of snow get tired of it, but I truly never tire of that beautiful image - snow delicately sitting on each branch. Great shot!

Here in central Wyoming it's in the mid 50s(F), and beautiful. And thanks to you, I have just gotten the inspiration to take my kids for a walk, and snap some pictures. (I'll post one on my site later tonight.)

Gel said...

Washington, D.C. area
Our weather doesn't know if if we're in the south or north. We are often surprised with everything from tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, to gorgeous Indian Summers, incredible springtimes, and yes, scorching hot summers with humidity that forces many out of here in August to go elswhere on vacation. (I should be so lucky, LOL.)

Our area STILL doesn't know how to deal with snow, even though we are graced with it every winter. It's the joke as far as road equipment for removal and school closings/work shut downs from such "small amounts of snow"; this causes unrelenting laughter from my northern relatives.

Come by my blog to see a winter shot, taken yesterday morn. I tried out a new camera. :)

Joan said...

Location: Smyrna, GA (a 'burb of Atlanta)

Weather: Today was absolutely gorgeous with clear as a bell skies. It was cooler than usual with the temp not going about 45 degrees Farenheit.

Coping: Pretty good! It was nice to drive around and see and feel the sun!

Picture to post to my site: Yes sir! I will do this thing you ask tomorrow as it is dark here now.

Thumper said...

--Vacaville, CA, USA...partway between San Francisco and Sacramento

--Today was awesome--low 60's, sunshine, perfect day for drivng around topless.

--It's kinda hard to not cope when it's so wonderful out there. But inside...the Vicodin helps ;)

--I would, but it's now dark out, and I'm night blind.

Red said...

I'm in Baltimore, MD, it's cold, windy, and sunny, and I'm home on a "Sanity Day" because I'm tired.

Chris said...

Just for you, Carmi, I set out this morning, camera in hand, to capture the white-shrouded branches on my own way to work. As requested.

SeeingDouble said...

Central Texas, United States. It's been blah this week, it's 60s and drizzling off and on today. I'll post a pic after sunrise.