Sunday, March 13, 2005

Publish Day - a tech opinion on blogs

I logged in this morning to find a lovely surprise waiting for me: My latest opinion piece for, Time For Some Blogging Common Sense, was published online on Friday.

I love writing for because I get to combine the two things that I love to do during the day: write, and write about technology. This piece touches on something that I know is near and dear to the heart of everyone who reads this blog, so I hope you take a few minutes to read through and then rant right back at me in a comment.

This whole publishing thing is so cool, isn't it?


Mike Wood said...
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Mike Wood said...

Anyone who posts work wise / or knows people at work read their stuff, does that little cringing thing when they hit submit. Scoble and others have talked about it too. You still have to 'represent'. Nice article.

Glad Blogger let me post a comment too! :)

kimbofo said...

Well said. No one at work knows I keep a blog, although if anyone was interested in "tracking me down" I'm sure they could figure it out. Still, I have a general rule of not talking about work - just to be on the safe side.