Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Time of few words

I don't much feel like writing anything creative right about now, so I'll leave the words for another time.

On the admin side, after living through weeks (months) of Blogger's performance-challenged commenting system, I enabled Haloscan comments on the site (don't worry, I backed up the Blogger comments, but need to figure out how I'll implement them in the archives.) We'll give this a try and see if it performs any better. Please let me know if this is an improvement over the old. I may still tweak things in the days to come, so thank you - both pre and post - for your patience.

Many thanks for your words of comfort about our cat (head here for previous entry.) One thing that struck me after bringing the kids home was how our youngest, Noah, wanted to be the first one into the house. He walked in, looked around, and said, matter-of-factly, "The house is so quiet because Shadow isn't here."

He hung up his coat, then walked through to the living room, as if he was looking for the cat. He found Shadow's toy mouse and picked it up with a big smile on his face. He asked me, "Can we put it up in a special place?" Of course, I told him.

More wandering and looking until he found a spot beside the TV. "So I can always see it," he said.

The little man misses his "best cat", but something tells me the lessons in compassion he learned from his furry friend will persist long after the pictures begin to fade.

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Anonymous said...

This was beautiful, Carmi. I also remember the loss of my first dog as a child. The way the parents handle it is so important in many of life's encounters through the years. My mom was great and I can see you and your wife handled it so well with your children.
And now....you have Fraiser! Such an adorable little dog and I'm requesting more "air" time about him. Thanks again, Carmi, for your comforting words to me on Holly.