Monday, April 04, 2005

Return to flight approaches

I've had a busy writing week, and as such haven't had a huge amount of time to update the site. Lots of good media things are happening, too, so watch this space for links and news in the days to come.

I'm still working on a secure comment solution for the site. Please e-mail me any suggestions of anything that's worked for you. Now, on with the show...

I'm taking my own advice and am peering more closely at the neat things in life.

This is a close crop of a much larger picture. I did not take it, but am including it here as an example of how we can see new things by adjusting our respective levels of zoom.

As Discovery moves closer to the launchpad, I suspect I'll be staring at more pictures, looking for more images we'd otherwise miss if we don't look closely enough.

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