Wednesday, April 13, 2005

This media thing becomes odder, still

So I'm sitting at the office minding my own business, writing some tech stuff and generally making a pest of myself, when the phone rings. It's my parents. This can generally mean one of the following, related things:
  • Someone has died.
  • Someone is sick.
  • Something essentially bad has happened.
Yet, as my mother begins to speak, I notice a distinct lack of dread in her voice. In fact, she sounds excited. Phew, my heart returns to its usual spot in my chest from the temporary location deep in my throat.

She speaks rapidly, telling me about how the host of a talk show in Montreal (some 700+ km from my home base in London) is talking about my most recent column. He's asking listeners to share their own experiences of losing a pet. My father chimes in in the background as he tries to listen to the show.

All my parents' friends are calling them, abuzz with the news that my faraway words have, thanks to the convoluted interconnectedness of the media world, landed on the airwaves across the hall from where I used to work.

If you've got speakers, feel free to log into to hear what the fuss is all about.


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