Thursday, November 03, 2005

Every window has a story

I took this on my walkabout during my recent trip to Boston. The street was a chaotic mix of construction and traffic, and pedestrians were ducking in between the chewed up chunks of the road, trying to avoid being flattened in the process.

As I waited for what seemed like a very long light to cross the street, I turned around and saw this unchanging surface of a massive office building. It didn't so much jump out at me as it simply loomed in the background. I first dismissed it as yet another endlessly-repetitive theme of the urban landscape, and one not worthy of capturing because it didn't scream Boston.

Then I looked more closely into the windows. Behind the variously-drawn window shades, I started to imagine that each one was connected to a person, a life, a story.

Suddenly, the picture didn't seem so unworthy after all. I raised my camera and committed that moment not only to its memory card, but to my memory as well.

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Olyal said...

It's very easy to forget that behind the window there are people with their own stories. You've now got me imagining about who does what behind those windows.
Michele sent me today Carmi.

MaR said...

I think of this whenever I see a boring, square appartment building. It makes it prettier to think there are interesting people behind every curtain, a caring mom behind every flower, a busy housewife cooking behind every little kitchen window, etc. Michele sent me today.

me said...

Hi Carmi, thanks for visiting my blog. I have often wondered about "how other people live" when passing by other houses when out walking and I guess this photo is just a large scale example of that thought. Its a great photo, very thought provoking. I love taking photos, usually just of my kids (like in my blog) at the moment though and the trouble with that is they move way too much/too fast and my camera isn't good enough to cope. LOL

Thanks again for the visit!

Aginoth said...

makes a nice pattern too, I've spent time watching the ligth play off Pffice buildings vefore now, reflected sunsets cna play all sorts of visual tricks on the glass.

Oh I guess Michelle sent me today, but as I'm linked to you anyway that's a bit redundant :)

Dak-Ind said...

what an interesting thought. a premise like that could keep my mind occupied for a good long while, imagining the lives of all those "windows"
although technically Michelle didnt send me because the rule is something about the fellow directly above you, for all intents and purposes, Hello, Michelle sent me.

kenju said...

I sometimes imagine stories behind windows too, Carmi. You have such a unique way of looking at the world; we can all learn from you. Have a great weekend - Michele sent me.

utenzi said...

Michele helped mediate this visit, Carmi. I should visit more often!

I dunno about this picture though, Carmi. You might be stretching just a little. Why not pick a pretty building and think about the people behind those windows?

I'll give it some thought, of course. You've proved yourself over and over to be very perceptive, Carmi.

WendyWings said...

My first impression of that picture was WHOA who cleans those windows, guess that is the housecleaner in me coming out lol

BTW it really wasn't that hard to get Wil to post on my blog - six degrees and all that stuff.
Have a great weekend, my Saturday is nearly over.

kenju said...

Seeing this the second time, I was reminded of the way my computer monitor used to look when I was "defragging".....LOL

Michele sent me tonight. Thanks for the comments on my food post.

rashbre said...

good post. and good photo. got me thinking.

Panthergirl said...

I love the photo. One of my favorite things about working in Manhattan was looking out, after dark, at a building across the street and seeing people in various offices, talking, working, whatever...totally unaware that I was watching them.

thanks for sharing this.

here via michele today!

Kelli Russell Agodon - Book of Kells said...


When I first looked at this photo, I thought the shades spelled out "HELP" --

thanks for this.