Sunday, May 07, 2006

Balls at rest

Last week, I was able to reconfirm just how monumentally incompetent I am at billiards. So inept am I that rules should be put in place preventing people of my non-abilities to even pick up a pool cue.

Yet something happened as I circled the table and eyed the flat, shadowy surface. I realized that the goal wasn't to sink as many balls as possible. Sure, if I end up devoting enough time to learning the game, I'm certain I'll be somewhat better at sinking these dense spheres - and I'll look better doing it.

But I was enjoying the mere act of doing something completely out of character, in a new place with new people. Of course I still missed everyone back home and couldn't wait to return. But for that moment, in that place, I drank in the fact that this was a fascinating way to expand my horizons and add another story to the experience that is me.

I also had my camera. And in between may laughable attempts at looking like a pool shark, I pulled out my camera and tried to capture the scene using a tool somewhat more familiar to my fingers and my mind. The lighting and surfacing in this image remind me once again that memorable scenes can always be found, quite literally, right under our noses.

Your turn: How do you expand your own experiences? Is there worth in venturing beyond the same old?


kenju said...

If you don't venture beyond the ordinary, you can't learn, and grow and expand your horizons.

keda said...

despite being as terrified of change as the next person, and a bit of a wuss, i do actually venture way outside my boundaries as often as possible.

i believe that unless i challenge myself i will become stagnant and fail to grow. we all need to continue to learn and grow throughout our lives or we will fail ourselves and our children.

that doesn't mean doing stupid things or dangerous ones, but we learn and grow by experience. pool/billiards, climbing, camping, travelling, eating new things, trying new fashion styles, ....

each should be done, then expanded by recording it, learning to perfect the art of it, mixing it, matching it.
life will throw enough mundane and difficult.
its up to us to find new and fun.

good post again darling. i love how you challenge me and make me think! i'm off to visit mrs carmi now!

Tabor said...

I have been busy and just read the last few posts. I must get here more often!!!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh yes...absolutely wonderful to step,out of the box, so to speak...I love that photograph, my dear Carmi...There is great beauty in it. And btw: "Billiards" is played with--if memory serves--the cue ball and three other balls, only. "Pool" is played with those lovely colorful balls that you have in your photograph! Pool is such fun and I bet with your eye for precision, you would, given practice, become a real Pool Shark! (lol)

Unique Designs from Zazzle said...

Looks like the good outweighed the bad. I'd argue implied warranty on the laptop - worth a try.