Sunday, May 14, 2006

Little Man; Little Man's Mom

Our youngest son helped me make a Mother's Day omelette this morning. He's spent the past three days carefully hiding his gifts and cards, often giggling uncontrollably whenever my wife would come into the room. Five-year-olds don't keep secrets very well, but they're quite cute when they try to hide them.

We quietly prepared the kitchen by taking out the utensils and ingredients. We fetched the stool so he could see above the counter. He helped me crack each egg, first by putting his hand over mine as I whacked the shell with the spoon.

As he gained more confidence, he took the spoon and did it on his own. Once all the eggs were out of their shells, I put him in charge of beating them with a whisk. I knew I was risking a messy kitchen, but I wondered how often I got a chance to cook with my munchkin. He didn't spill a drop.

We chatted as we got the cheese out and as I tossed everything into the pan. Not once did I have to warn him away from the hot stovetop. He's been using the microwave to practice his numbers, so he knows all about the dangers of the kitchen.

As I worked the pan, he peered from afar, telling me when everything was ready. He helped me get everything properly set on the table. We took out the good china because special days deserve special dishes.

His older brother and sister helped him assemble all the gifts and cards they had made this week. When the table was perfectly laid out, he trundled upstairs to wake Mommy and tell her breakfast was ready.

He led her downstairs, regularly spilling little details about what awaited her. His excited little voice grew louder as they approached. He hugged her tightly as she sat down at the table, surrounded by the three little folks whose existence made her the Mom she is today.

This wasn't an earth-shattering moment in the history of time. I'm sure similar scenes were repeated in homes around the world. But in our home, all that mattered to our kids was that they got to have a happy morning with their family. And our youngest got to show that he's more than capable of putting his stamp on his family.

Your turn: What was Mother's Day like in your home? Beyond the store-bought sentiment - which we all rightfully despise - what does a day like this mean to you and your family?

One more thing: May today and every day be happy for you and your family.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

That does sound like a tasty treat. Mother's Day is in Marchm here in England.

Michele sent me here.

David Edward said...

Jean luc, so move already! hahaha

Carmi - bring them up well , we need more good people on the planet and my plan to quarantine all of the Jerry Springer audience has not worked out yet.

Star said...

What a lovely family portrait you painted. Happy Mothers Day to your wife, and to everyone who stops by. So far the Day has been quiet, soon I hope to be enlivened by my grandson.

srp said...

Here from Michele.
My gift for Mom has not arrived. So I made her the homemade card, even though I am well over the half century mark. Homemade are her favorite kind. I made an insert with the picture of a steaming cup of coffee and a picture of coffee beans..... yes, a special flavored coffee bean is coming, decaffinated just as she needs. Her granddaughter made her a card as well. The picture of her own lilacs and butterfly and a picture of Grandmother and Granddaughter together inside.
Then of course, the DAD of the family took us all out for lunch.

mattviews said...

I posted a memorial for my mom today. It was not until after her passing do I realize that to me everyday is Mother's Day. It's an eternal longing.

Anonymous said...

My son blissfully let me sleep in, we had breakfast together and he informed me we have a date for next weekend to see the DaVinci Code. He is going to help me with some light gardening later but now we're off to play a board game. Life is good this Sunday.

Thumper said...

I'm not real big on Mother's Day. It just means more to me when my son does all those little things without a reason trough the year--like taking a motorcycle safety class with me because he knows I don't like to do stuff alone the first time. He's cooking dinner tonight (I refuse to go near a restaurant today!) but other than that, it's just a nice day. It doesn't have to be out-of-the-ordinary special.

Here via Michele's today!

kenju said...

Carmi, you make everyday special for your kids!

We went to church, and then mr. kenju took me out to lunch at my favorite Asian Grill - Zyng. I had scrumptious ginger & orange chicken. I received cards from all the family and they have all called me today, as they do most everyday. This is the first Mother's Day since 1966 that I have not been with at least one of my three kids. It seems strange, but I do not need a special day to know that they love me. They show me in countless ways very often what I mean to them.

Moon said...

I woke up to see a beautiful vase full of flowers on the kitchen table...I realize this is a bought item but the way it got there means the world to me.
My fiancee and daughter had gone shopping for a vase together on friday, unknown to me..he had told me he worked late and she happened to call him from her friends house on his cell to pick her up..but they had spent an hour untill she found one she liked.
I get up early to give my border his pills then put him back to bed, along with myself and nothing was out. My fiancee had left for work at 5:30 am, so later when I got up again, to prepare breakfast, I see this huge vase with fresh flowers in it...My 15 yrs old had ACTUALLY gotten up early, and walked all the way to the florists with the vase, to have them fit fresh cut flowers in it. Now for a teen to do MEANS THE WORLD TO ME...ofcourse when I went to her room to thank her, u can bet your life she was slothed out in bed like most teens would be on a sunday lol But she didn't even mention that she had done all that this morning, I only found out later by my fiancee telling me on the phone, I actually thought they had hid the whole thing the other day etc

She also made a big batch of chocolate chip cookies this after noon....YUMM...Even in the throws of laundry, this day has been great..sharing cookies and milk with my daughter...both of us with chocolate smudges and milk smiles lol

Mrs. Falkenberg said...

My daughter picked out flowers for me in the grocery store Friday (we only shop once a week). They are nuclear explosion blue, blindingly bright. She choose them because blue is her favourite colour, therefore they were the prettiest flowers ever. My husband made me a wonderful breakfast. My young son gave me the best gift of all, without knowing it. After I got him up from his nap, he snuggled in to my chest on the couch and tell back asleep, his little face pressed against my shoulder for half an hour. I stayed perfectly still and just breathed him in.

srp said...

Here from Michele again.
Another Mother's Day tradition? I get cards from the cats... today it was a cat Haiku poem:

Nice lady pets me.
Scoops the poop
out of my box.
I call her Mommy.

All the cats signed it.
My life as a cat mom.

jennypenny said...

Mothers day is an amazing time when all the generations can be together and celebrate the amazing women who gave them life! Unfortunately I was at work all day but my parents both stopped in on thier moms and I went by around 10pm for a little quality time. Sounds like your family had a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

That was sweet! I got 2 phone calls, one from each son.

I did go to visit your wife's blog.

Mike said...

Sounds like you had a special day. Since i work night shift on weekends I will be taking Thumper out to dinner tomorrow night. Hope everyone had a great day.

Here from Michele.

PS love the pic of the little dog too.

barbie2be said...

i got up early today and had breakfast with my niece. then we walked to the farmers market and bought some flowers to take to the cemetary for my mother and grandmother.

Sarie said...

Awwwwwwwwwww, that just made my heart melt. I cannot wait until my Little Man is old enough to do that for me.....

Thank you, Carmi. I needed the smile I now wear.

Thank you, sir.