Sunday, February 04, 2007

Caption This 4

[Caption to be provided by...YOU!]
Lake Worth, Florida, December 2006 [Click to enlarge to size 13 or so]

The majority of respondents to last week's Caption This entry were touched by how sad the subject of the picture looked. I was heartened to receive this feedback, because identical thoughts raced through my head as I raised my camera and took the shot.

Moon came closest, in my opinion, to capturing the dark thoughts surrounding this image. Her suggested caption - ''If I could do it over again'' - hit the emotional target.

I don't know where the subject of my surreptitious photo is now. Likely still floating up and down the street that sits between the beautiful beach and the somewhat dodgy neighborhood just across the bridge. Wherever she is, I hope she finds comfort from her sadness, from her transient life.

This week's image was taken just across the street from where this woman sat as she stared endlessly at the endless ocean. Footsteps in the sand have a poetry all their own; they're there, and then they're not. I thought this image would be a great candidate for Caption This.

Your turn: If you haven't played Caption This before, click here for the rules. Click the CT label in the sidebar for all entries to-date. And have fun with your submission!


Michael K. Althouse said...

Prior to it's "digitectomy", this cartoon character still has five toes.

Anna said...

"When I was carried..."

Nice shot Carmi....

It evoked feelings of apprecaition for me after the first week of homeschooling. I love how photography can be different for everyone and at the same time be just as meaningful to each person. Thanks for the reminding me of His faithfulness in my life...

BTW, I can feel the sand in my toes! :)

Jennifer said...

My husband took a picture similar to this yesterday... I'll email it to you!

Hope you're keeping warm!

Em said...

A footprint in the sand so clearly marks where a person has been...and is so completely wiped away eventually by the wave. Much like our life on this planet...we leave our footprints...but eventually, generations from now, the earth has moved on.

My caption...My footprint; my moment.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I love shots like this. I am a reflexologist so I have a foot thing.

"My Journey" is what I thought of when I saw the pic.

Anonymous said...

"Walking in your footstep".

Hope you are having a great weekend.

kenju said...

It reminds me of the starting words for the soap opera "Days of Our Lives", which I don't watch anymore. "Like footprints on the sands of time, we remember the days of our lives" (or something like that).

Unknown said...

Once he reached retirement age, Mr. Yeti decided Del Boca Vista would be the perfect place to leave his mark.

Thanks for visiting Carmi. My sign is up and my Super Bowl party is a go!

... Paige said...

A foot print, too soon washed away

craziequeen said...


'With you in my heart, wherever I leave a footprint, so do you.'

Hey Carmi. Not up to Michele this weekend, but came to see you anyhow....



Anonymous said...

Hi Carmi,
Michele sent me, but it's been too long since I was here last anyway.

Wonderful photo. I'll go think up a caption now.


Anonymous said...

So I'm thinking


is a good caption.


utenzi said...

"The Dawn of Man" Anytime I see a lone footprint in the sand I think of the ancient footprints uncovered by the Leakeys in Africa.

Sara said...

When I saw that photo, the first thing that came to my head was:

"Gone but not forgotten"

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

"Sole footprint in the sand: a beauty every soul should behold. Keep your eyes open to this beauty while walking through life and your world will be your inspiration."