Thursday, February 15, 2007

French danish

A mother's treat for her son
Laval, Quebec, December 2006 [Click to embiggen]

Food underpins so much of who we are and how we choose to lead our lives. We often live from meal to meal, lamenting the fact that it's been so long since we last ate, and counting the minutes until we can get to the pantry and start the process all over again.

At least that's my reality. I eat a lot. Constantly. And I can't gain weight. I know, you hate me already.

But enough of my digression. I'm sharing this because I'm trying (badly, it seems) to explain why pictures of food keep showing up in my photo archives. Here's the rub: Essentially, when I'm looking for interesting things to capture, my eye often settles on whatever's on the table at that moment. More so than many topical choices, food is instantly relatable. A picture of it seems to draw us in. It invites us to consider what it must be like to eat, and when we're going to try getting some for real.

All that from a simple two-dimensional picture. Neat.

Your turn: Please click the image to load the high-resolution version. Then come back and share the first three words that occur to you as you take it in.


Linda said...

flaky, sweet, comforting.

The detail is amazing on the hi-res! My mouth is watering, wanting to taste it, the flakes and icing hanging onto the corner of my mouth...the walnuts (or pecans?) sprinkled atop, making me wish I could make it last forever

John Roberts said...

Thanks for your visit to my blog today. I have enjoyed looking at yours also. I appreciate good photography and good writing - yours has both. I especially liked the "Scenes Fom A Diner" post. I'll be back to visit again soon.


David Edward said...

hate hate hate! with all 210 lbs of me
and I took a weird pic, its really all your fault.

David Edward said...

sorry just noticed the instructions:

sniff, nibble, devour!

Anonymous said...

Me - gooey, gut, devilishly delightful
Hula Girl - (9) delicious, sweet, heaven
There....from a 9 year old perception and a 30 something year old view!! LOL

Star said...


Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

drooly, yummy, forbidden

Diabetics don't make good food critics, sorry. We tend to think it all looks great.

Good evening from Michele's.

bluemountainmama said...

oooey,goooey, and fattening!

Anonymous said...

sticky, sweet, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

First three words?
I. hate. Carmi.

Naw, just jokeing. But I have to admit that I do get jealous of the fact that you can eat that yummy, sweet, fattening food and not gain weight.

Oh well, we all have reasons people hate us.. in my case it is that I don't grow hair on my legs. Women all over the world would gladly attack me with their disposible razors in hand...

Oops, I think that may have been TMI for a comment!

P.s. Thank you for your encouraging words, Carmi. I may wax funny here in your comments, but the truth is that your support really helps me to keep things in perspective!

Chad Oneil Myers said...

That looks so tasty!

Thanks for dropping by my Blog.

The Narcissist said...

damning, indulgent, flakaliscious

Carina said...

Okay, well, this says alot about me psychologically, because my mind is just weird that way, but here's what I thought.

Natasha, Glaze, Celiac

Here's why I think I thought that. The first is a friend of mine from college who was an excellent pastry chef.

I love glaze, and Natasha glazed everything she ever made.

You said you always eat, but can't gain weight, and obviously this is not a gluten-free pastry, so I think I subconsciously thought you might be an undiagnosed celiac. Weird, huh?

I eat constantly and can't gain either. Even after two kids. I'm waiting for menopause. I hear everything changes then.

Bet you didn't want to know that, either.

Anonymous said...

Here from Michele's this time. My three words?

"great with espresso"

photowannabe said...

That looks yummy...Great pictures on your blog and I enjoyed the little vinettes too.
Thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comments. Please come again.
I'll be back to see more of yours.

Joel Reynolds said...

Hey Man,

Great pictures you have here - glad I got to see your stuff, and glad that you stopped by my blog.
I'll be sure to be back to soo more from you - it's good to see another Canadian's perspective.
Thanks for the kind words.


Gyrobo said...

Great with bacon.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Yum, Yum and Yum!

You are insoirung me to get some pictures of a food I am currently hooked on!
If I do take some pictures and post them, I'll let you know...(lol)

That looks very very very VERY yummy, my dear Carmi!

Corey Bienert said...

I like your input on living from meal to meal.

Thank you so much for the compliments, it means so much to me.

As far as how I took the picture:

No tricks...I just set the ISO at 100, turned the camera to Program mode, focused on the bulb and shot.

It might have helped being in a dark attic, this bulb being the only source of light.

I hope this is of some help.

Thanks again :)

L said...

yum yum yum!!!


kenju said...

Lines.....which appeal to Anna.

Nuts, crunchy nuts, which I love.

Flaky, sweet, buttery pastry.

I'm hungry now.

Melody said...

Mountainous! Yum. Wishful.

Yes, all those three words. I am in need now for some french pastries. How dare you!

Here from Michele today Carmi.

Alex said...

That. Looks. Yum.
I haven't been for ages! Sorry Carmi! And sorry I have no new material on mine. Soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm already full!

Thanks anyway, looks fantastic, I must say.

Here from Michele's - have a great weekend Carmi.

Oya said...

Hello Carmi
Thanks for visiting Istanbul DP, and leaving a nice comment. I can't resist on sweets and can't stop my self. Now, I have to run to the Patisserie if you excuse me and then ofcourse, you will find me at the Gym for the rest of the day:)

Rebecca said...

Mmm. Warm, mouth-watering, soothing.

I LOVE food. And I gain weight. :)

I fully support your love for photos of food.

Ms Mac said...

I love the fact that it's French and Danish in one pastry!

It looks like it may have had apple in it somewhere in which case my three words would be, "My Favourite Pastry"

Anonymous said...

Those all sound like well-reasoned causes for food pics.

Buffy said...

I'm getting fat just looking at this.

srp said...

add pounds now

Perhaps you should donate your metabolism to medical science so we could find out what makes some people able to eat everything and stay thin. Sigh!

Just Me said...

I'm TRYING to diet thank you! :)

Beautiful photo... I have to go to the bakery now.

Tabor said...

warm,slowing and sighing

Shephard said...

Buttery... flakey ... golden.

Sigh. :)
Great photo.

Anna said...

Call Weight Watchers...... :)

Nice photo Carmi...looks yummy! And yes, I love those lines Judy!

Vickie said...

I want some :)

Oh if I was to describe them it would be---

Sweet, gooey, delicious.

Janet said...

I also joke about how much of our lives revolve around food. If we aren't talking about the meal we're eating, we're planning the meal we're going to eat. At the same time, food is so obviously something we take for granted.

Jayne said...

Sticky, sweet sickness

I've been "sober" from food like this for going on seven years. Items like this represent a slippery slope to me and brings back memories of how it controlled my life. Can I ever trust that I can handle it again? Not likely.

Azgreeneyes said...

Warm, flaky, and frosted. Yum!

Anonymous said...

too much fat!!

but man that looks so good. I gain weight now, after 4 kids my body!!

Anonymous said...


As for why you might be "drawn" to photos/images of might want to go to Martha Martha (penni's) blogsite, and see her entry from 02/16/07, about the little cafe that she & her husband had created & worked for the last several yrs. It was about how "food" and the sharing of it is a genuine "experience" that is a large part of our human existance. A good read, with insightful reminders of the common ground that we all walk on ... Food is one of the basic elements & necessities of life, from the moment we are conceived, until we draw our last breath. I think it's probably natural that we find it interesting, stimulating, even to the point of "obsession" (in an unhealthy way). Plus, I think that it CAN be very beautiful and pleasing to the eye....God created it so. Look at a pineapple - or a peach. Aren't they just so amazing & so lovely?