Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Playing with light

London, ON, October 2007 [Click to enlarge]

It's well after midnight when I quietly lead the dog outside for his before-bedtime stroll through the neighborhood. As soon as my foot touches the porch, I feel it in the air: the characteristic clamminess that signals an impending foggy night. Sure enough, the air is starting to thicken with fog just as we round the first corner and see the telltale softness of the streetlights against the dark, quiet streetscape.

I rush the unsuspecting pooch through his walk so I can get him home and fetch my camera and tripod. He dutifully sits by the front door as I disappear into the growing murk.

The pea soup environment seems to dampen all sounds. The air is incredibly still as I walk slowly, looking for vantage points. I don't really have a plan, but I assume I'll figure it out as I go along. I've never shot fog at night, so I wonder if it's even worth my time to be out here.

Shafts of light shoot out from behind houses and through trees. I wonder if I can capture the ethereal scenes, carefully lining the camera up to capture some of the most interesting-looking slices of light. After around a half-hour of playing in this solitary, quiet, outdoor playground, I decide I've had enough and head for home.

As I walk across our lawn, a burst of light through our maple tree catches my eye. I keep walking. I'm tired and I want to go to sleep. But I stop beside the door, thinking it'll be a while before we get this much fog when it's this dark. So I turn around and shoot the tree. Two quick exposures and I'm back inside.

The keeper of the evening is the last image I shot. Sometimes, you simply need to give into the inner voice that begs you to keep going.

Your turn: What does your inner voice tell you?

One more thing: I'm starting to select images to include in an initial set for online sale. I've received a number of requests in recent months, so I'm finally taking the time to offer high-resolution, framed images for order. If you have any suggestions from photos I've published previously, please feel free to leave a comment. And if you actually want to be the first to put your dibs in for a print, feel free! I'll post details on the blog in the days/weeks to come. Thanks in advance!


purplefugue said...

That's a fantastic image, well composed and obviously a spontaneous one. I didn't know it was a night shot. Are you on a Mac? I highly recommend the iPhoto albums from Apple to capture the best of the best of your images - you've got some amazing ones here. Good luck!

PS...this is a super late thanks for popping by this weekend. Hope the rest of your week is a good one. :-D

Joan said...

The photo is aptly named. The title could also be applied to the photographer. I eagerly await your print offerings - we just bought a house with lots of empty walls. Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I am having a week of introspection. Where am I leading, what am I doing etc etc. Best/worst part is, I do not find any solutions.

craziequeen said...

My inner voice is currently not my best friend.

Keeper of the Evening is a stunning shot - quite brilliant and exhilirating in a serene kind of way. Is this a paradoxical picture?

What a wonderful idea to spread your skill in catching fleeting beauty. I would be interested in that incredible water on stones picture that I used on my desk top.
Also, do I remember a nice one of Noah and Frazier?


Nestor Family said...

Wonderful photo once again.

(My inner voice is using its hand and knocking on a door... "Hello? Can I come out? Let me come out... please?")

Smiler said...

Wonderful shot. For some reason... and maybe because of so many of those renaissance paintings, when the light shoots in rays like that, it always reminds of of the presence of a Higher Power.

Open Grove Claudia said...

My inner voice has changed my entire life in the last two years. I went from running two businesses to saying, "I'm not sure why, but I need to stop for a while." Five days after stopping? My husband became ill, my best friend was so depressed we thought he'd kill himself and my dog was sick.

And six month later? A group of characters showed up in a dream and asked me to write about them.

I hate even the idea of being one of those wanker writers with a (rolling the eyes) novel. But that's what my inner voice has dragged me to.

I only hope it's as brilliant as your photo.

I find your blog to be a real blessing in my life. Thanks for taking the daily risk to create it.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how happy that makes me? The opportunity to buy your work? YES!

Oh, and the photo makes me happy as well.

Sandrine said...

This is a awesome shot! Great light rays!

Anonymous said...

You can let me know when they are for sale. I love the b/w and sepia tone ones the most.

Shephard said...

Oh! This shot is exquisite! I love the natural effect of filtered light. I love the colors.

Michele sent me to make sure I didn't miss this one. This is wonderful.


Shannon akaMonty said...

That's a stunning image--and one of my favorite types of shots. There's just something about them that makes me feel...sort of hopeful and joyous.

And no worries, I'll never get sick of your visits! (I'm so glad you enjoyed Brian's blog--I adore him)

Shannon akaMonty said...

That's a stunning image--and one of my favorite types of shots. There's just something about them that makes me feel...sort of hopeful and joyous.

And no worries, I'll never get sick of your visits! (I'm so glad you enjoyed Brian's blog--I adore him)