Friday, December 14, 2007

Photographic mystery

Laval, QC, August 2007 [Click to embiggen]

Children often find comfort in the weird and wonderful things their parents bring into the home. Decor is hugely subjective, of course. Your parents' taste rarely matches your own. And as hideous as you might think some of their long-ago interior design decisions might have been (olive green and gold wallpaper, anyone? Modern art interpretations of belly dancers, perhaps?) you can't help but remember them with fondness because they made your world unique. They made your house a home.

When my parents moved out of the home where I was raised (see here for background), much of that rich texture went with it. I tried to capture the old house in pictures before moving day, but in the end photos aren't the same. Still, some of the icons of the old house made their way down the hill to their new place. When we visit them now, we walk into a lovely unit that, as nice as it is, isn't the place where I grew up. The few items that made it there remind me that home isn't always the walls around you, but how you fill the space.

Your space: What is this? What were my parents thinking when they first brought it home? Have fun with it...they occasionally read my blog.


NetChick said...

Hi Carmi! I was just thinking "ornate" when I saw your title under it. Perhaps your parents were thinking of using the pillar for a small side table, with a glass top?

Hope all is great at your end of the country!

Tan. (Michele sent me today)

Anonymous said...

Michele sent me to check out your pillar, or rather, your parent's pillar. A plant would fit nicely atop this I think.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I think it's a plant stand. At least, that's what I'd use it for. I'd put it under something with flowing foliage, too.

I stopped by mainly to say that my parents are making noises about moving into a smaller place... it's sort of scary to think about.

Anne said...

My first thought was a candlestick, but there is a lot of detail for something that size, so I then thought maybe a table leg, but, I think it's a lamp base. Final answer.

Do I have to tell you Michele sent me? Are the Panthers playing tonight?

Anne said...

by the way, I love picture puzzles like this!

Bobkat said...

How true, and often the most important part of what fills a home, is the people that inhabit it :)

Is it a stand for a plant pot? Whatever, it looks quite grand and should have a large aspidestra (sp?) on top! :)

Michele sent me over to say hi and thank you for your kind comment - you have no idea how stressful that Alpha male is making my life!

CAM said...

Looks like a plant stand to me too. Maybe they wanted to add a touch of "luxury" to their home.

Thanks for swinging by my blog, and your flattering comments are always appreciated as well

Nestor Family said...

I agree with Anne... I think it is part of a lamp base. If this were found in MY parents' home, I would imediately think that my Poppy found it at a garage sale or dumpster diving and that it was broken and he fixed it up. The lamp next to me in my own home is one of those finds of his!!!

Anonymous said...

My parents had a lot of heavy brass things in our living room. I'm not sure, but I think brass is out now.

Dude, thanks for the compliment on my design. Wish I could take credit. Basically, I just told the designer what color combo and clicked the Paypal button!

Sara said...

Hello, Carmi, Michele sent me here today before I could get here on my own!

Seems like I have to agree that it was an ornate pillar that was probably used to hold a plant or as a side table to the couch. It is rather interesting in design. Mike my friend who passed several years ago would have loved!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Netchik. My first thoughts were to have those ornate pillar as a side table. Maybe they kept books on the top?

Michele would love that detailing too.

reading room

kenju said...

Michele sent me because we posted simultaneously. I think this could be either an umbrella stand or a pedestal for plants. I have a similar umbrella stand; maybe I'll post a pic of it soon.

Unknown said...

Good Morning, Carmi: I am laughing on this end in Arizona because when I was rebuilding my Mother's house (she lived in a townhome while I did my work) she was adament that the Cranberry colored rug stay in the TV room, and that the awful 1970's disco era wallpaper stay up on the stairway walls. I enlisted my elest brother for support-no good. I wince when I think of that, but she's happy!

Becky68 said...

Ooohh pretty pedestal, I like ornate stuff I'm afraid, unfortunately my house is small & already crowded so ornate adds to the clutter!
Here from Michele's today to think about where I'd put something like that. (I bet it's a plant stand)

Anonymous said...

Art nouveau umbrella stand?
That's my guess.
My parent's home was full of dark funiture, dark paneling, brown shag carpet and old-west themed things. (shudder) lol

Michele sent me today!
~S :)

Janet said...

This post made me think of a couch I had growing up. My mother, being an Italian from NJ, dabbled in the furniture wrapped in plastic phase. In our living room for the longest time we had this huge, ornate couch that was really there for show more than anything else. It was so out of character with everything else in our house that I couldn't resist the urge to make fun of its presence, even almost entering it in an ugly couch contest (the film didn't develop) once. I used to kid that all we needed was a fountain in the middle of the room to make the look complete.

That couch is long gone now, but obviously the memory sticks with me. I guess your point about the things that children find comfort in can be odd in nature!:)

Max said... looks like the support for a perfectly wonderful cat perch, which would--of course--be position so that the best available sun spot was shine right on it.

Michele sent me to dream about that. Nice perches and sun spots...