Sunday, December 23, 2007

Caption This 50

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London, ON, December 2007 [Click to embiggen]

Locks make great photographic subjects. They have shiny, machined surfaces that shoot nicely and they typically don't wiggle like kids do when the camera comes out. I also have locks on the brain considering the fancy high-security one on our front door recently broke and we waited the better part of a week to get it fixed. Never mind how I managed to lock myself into the house. That's a story for another day, folks.

Your turn: How would you caption this image? Click on Comments and give it your best shot. Or shots, as I have a soft spot for multiple submitters.

About last week's image of candles: Huge amount of interest in this one, and a huge conundrum for me because so many visitors submitted so many creative suggestions. I was certainly torn. Ultimately, only one winner could be chosen because I was down to my last tiara. That person is Awareness: "Great minds think alight." If you haven't visited her site yet, click here. I'll wait for you to come back. She's that good.

As always, I feel compelled to honorably mention these folks for their flashes of creative brilliance:
  • Robin: "Light reading."
  • Beverly: "All is calm, all is bright."
  • Bob-kat: "It's going to take ages to heat the beans using these!"
  • Jeremy: "Little Light [of this flickering candle] Illuminates the night like your spirit illuminates my soul..."
  • Dawn: "Let there be light, I can't see a darn thing using these candles!"
  • Sister AE: "Make a wish!"
  • Sara: "Shimmering Candles lighting the way."
  • Dak-ind: "Lighting remberance."
  • Laurie: "Light for the soul."
  • Gautami Tripathy: "Shadows from the past."
  • Sara: "No need to burn the candle from both ends, just enjoy them as they are."
  • Robin: "Flickr, B.C."
  • Killlashandra: "Blessed wishes."
  • Breadbox: "A light in the darkness."
  • Omykiss: "Not another power failure!"
Have fun this week!


BreadBox said...

"The barn door after the horse has bolted (it)."

Michele sent me to enter this time,

rashbre said...

Hmm. I was thinking of 'Bolt up' but thats a bit rude so how about 'bolt your door, but not your mind'?

Seasonal Greetings from me today, via Michele's.


colleen said...


lissa 07 said...

"Hi, honey, I locked myself out again....yes, I am in my underwear...yes, I said I was, I won't do that... would you please come and let me in?....honey?...hel...hello?...hello?...great....battery's dead."

tommie said...

banging heard in the background: :"Let me out of here!"

Anne said...


kenju said...

Lock of Ages.

Omykiss said...

Latched on ...

Lee Ann said...

"Lock-it and pocket the key!"

Joan said...

How about...

Keep Out

or for more than a word or two...

I need a little peace.

Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Found in Fine Print on the installation directions:

Do Not install this lock on the outside of the door of your child or children's bedroom. Unless in an emergency to retain your sanity. Uninstall if you are unsuccessful in retaining your sanity.

Never install this lock on the inside of the door of a child or children's bedroom. Never Ever or You will be really sorry!

Ok, so this is too long to be a caption. I'm high on candy canes!

Robin said...

So, I'm brushing my teeth just now, and a FABulous caption popped in my mind...


(or at least it's fab to moi ;) ).

On the run, more as I'm able...


sister AE said...

how about just


And thanks for the honorable mention for last week.

spwriter said...

(Okay, so there are more than a few suggestions below. hey, I'm alone on a silent night, what else am I gonna do?)

Pandora lives here.

The night she kicked him out.

"No more sleepwalking outside in the nude, Louise."

Where the wild things are.

Homeland security.

Result of questionable budget cuts in prison system.

Slide. Home safe.


Changing room liaison.

How to keep your flying monkeys from escaping.

Do not disturb.

For light use only. (Not guaranteed to stop zombies or axe-wielding maniacs.)

The illusion of safety.

Marvin installed a bolt on the inside of the closet just in case he ever needed some time alone.

Safe sex.

Robin said...

A false sense of security

(Steve kinda preempted my thought with his "illusion of safety", that turkey! ;) ).


(I was here lookin' for your WW this week...missed you last week on mine :).)

awareness said...

Hey Carmi...

I'm honoured! Thanks.

As for this week's? spwriter has some GREAT caption zingers. How does one follow those creative captions?

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Houdini's teething ring

When all else fails...

Fail, safe.

The 70s.
(A cool photo montage would be to photograph the same door, first with no lock then progressing to more and more complicated locks; the captions would be the decade they represent. I suppose today's lock would be bolted from ceiling to floor :/.) (Oooo! and the door would become more weathered as the years progressed...)

Who's kidding whom?

All locked up and no where to go.

Lock but no stock or barrel


Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Lock, down.

A matter of perspective.

Child's play for Bonnie & Clyde.


Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Lock, down.

A matter of perspective.

Child's play for Bonnie & Clyde.


Anonymous said...

BTW, sorry for the double comment click (feel free to deletedeletedelete my faux pas).

As always, I consider it an honor to receive a mention from previous captions, so thank you :).

spwriter said...

(A few more...)

Lock: Heed.

Warning: May contain nuts.


Residential Cabinet

(and one more just because...)

Where Robin keeps her caption ideas.

Anonymous said...

One way.

Anonymous said...

...I t h o u g h t I had suggested "False Sense of Security"...had to come back and check ;).

(no need to moderate this comment, Carmi...I was just checkin' to see if I was losing my mind.)