Sunday, December 16, 2007

Caption This 49

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London, ON, November 2007 [Click to embiggen]

The candle's soft light is one of my earliest memories. My mom lit them every Friday night for Shabbat, and I remember watching the dancing yellow glow long after everyone had finished supper and gone off to do their own thing. To me, the light was the thing. I found it comforting, something to look forward to every week as we transitioned into the weekend.

My mother still lights the candles in her home, as does my wife in ours. I still stare at them and think back to the four-year-old me. I wonder what goes through others' minds as they look into a candle's light.

Your turn: I guess now's your chance to share just that. Please leave a suggested caption - or ten - in a comment and I'll post the winner next week.

About last week's photo of a fly: This was a fun one for me. I debated whether I should post it or not. But since I had recently broken the ice with the dead rodent pic, I figured everyone who visits was already used to seeing my twisted side. In the end, I had a hard time choosing because there were so many submissions that made me laugh out loud.

But I had to choose one, and Bubblehead's stood out as particularly unique:
"The original frequent flyer." Please drop by his blog, Hu-Flung-Poo, and congratulate him.

Honorable mentions go to these very creative folks:
  • Gautami Tripathy: "Would you like to land on my soup?"
  • Moi: "What's all this buzz about!"
  • Robin: ""Secret Ingredient" and "No shoes, no shirt, no service"
  • Dara: "What Jeff Goldblum has been up to lately..."
  • D. Sinclair: "Time flies"
  • SPWriter: "Wings and a prayer"
  • Bob-kat: "I may be small but my plan for world domination is right on schedule"
  • Joan: "Don't you wish YOU could be the fly on the wall?"
  • Paige: "Now I lay me down to sleep...Cause a big ol' fly swatter is coming"
  • Blond Girl: "This is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands...."
  • Jilly Bean: "Too close for comfort"
  • Awareness: "Straighten up and fly right..."
  • John: "I said I wanted a large FRY with that..."
  • Sara: "Ain't no flies on me"
  • Kerri: "Times Fun when You're Having Flies"
  • Snaggle Tooth: "Waiting to be served"
Hope you enjoy this week's caption. Can't wait to see what you all come up with!


Robin said...

Light reading.


Beverly said...

All is calm, all is bright.

Bobkat said...

Hi carmi. Michele sent me over to play and admire your lovely candlelit pic.

How about "It's going to ages to heat the beans using this!"

Thanks for the honourable mention, funnily enough, you get a mention on my blog too! :)

Pat said...

Four candles is the name of a classic sketch by two great comedians - The Two Ronnies. It's a play on words when one of them asks for fork handles. Honestly you had to be there.
It also reminds me of Sunday School when I was a little girl and my favourite hymn was 'Jesus bids us shine with a pure clear light.'
Candles are lovely - as long as they are not left unattended. We nearly had a disaster two years ago.
My comment had disappeared - my fault so I'm happy to have seen another of your lovely pics.

Bobkat said...

My caption should have read:

'It's going to take ages to heat the beans using these!'


Dawn-Enigma Artist said...

Let there be light, I can't see a darn thing using these candles!

When I was newly married I would light candles on the table for us to dine by candlelight. My (now ex) husband would turn on the overhead light so he could see what he was eating.

I was not that bad a cook. Really!

here via Michele...she makes me comment instead of lurking!

sister AE said...

"Make a wish!"

"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

Sara said...

My caption would have to be:

Shimmering Candles lighting the way.

kenju said...

"This little light of mine....I'm gonna' let it shine....."

Michele sent me tonight, Carmi; I can get mesmerized by candlelight, can't you?

MsT said...

Thank you Carmi for such a lovely image. Instead of a caption, I invite you all to visit this website I found a few months ago - where you may light a virtual candle anytime:

John said...

Hi Carmi. It seems all I ever do is send a caption and I'm sorry for that. So, today I will simply comment.

Even the smallest flicker of flame from a candle can warm your insides can't it? Light has that much power over dark.

Dak-Ind said...

michele says hello...

lighting votive candles was a tradition my grandmother shared with me. i can still recall walking into a darkened cathedral the smell of inscense rich in the air, my skirt swishing loudly in the silence, my grandmother kneeling for a few moments, mouthing her prayer, then lighting the candle in its little glass cup and giving her dollar to the poor box. she always said it made her feel close to her own grandmother, who led her through those same traditions when she was young, lighting the candles for her grandmother, and so on.

the tradition is long gone from our home, and thinking of its loss makes me vaguely sad.
so my caption today --->

lighting remberance.

Andi said...

Candle trains and domino is just a tad safer.

Michele sent me. :-)

Laurie said...

The warmth that I feel inside when I see the soft glow of candlelight brings my heart a peace. Somehow I feel safe and warm in the presence of that lovely light.

As for a caption? Hmmm...I'm not terribly good at this sort of about..."light for the soul"...I know it's pretty bad, but oh well I warned you I'm not very good at this.

Anonymous said...

shadows from the past?

I know it sounds something out of a trashy romance title!

Michele has taken her own sweet time to send me here this weekend! I should be glad that she did!

reading room

Robin said...

"Light touch"

(you know there'll be more...I'm the Lays potato chip of Written Inc. captioning these days...;) ).


craziequeen said...

'If you look really closely at the flame - you can see the Fire Fairy.'

It's the first thought that came into my head when I looked at your picture.

I love candlelight.


Snaggle Tooth said...

Hmmm, difficult to be silly about candles! Amazingly some folks managed it-
My Mom always lit two on the dinner table.

Sun down, flame up

Sara said...

a candle for all the corners of the earth

Sara said...

no need to burn the candle from both ends, just enjoy them as they are

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Let there be peace on earth....and let it begin with us.

Sara said...

star light star bright - co-worker from Vancouver

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Flickr, B.C.

(before computers)

Carmi, thanks for the mentions for last week's caption; interestingly, while I liked the ones that garnered your attention here, my favorite was "Fly Spy".

Thumper said...

"Yooooooou light up my liiiiiiffffeeee...."

Killlashandra said...

"Blessed Wishes"

Omykiss said...

The low tech alternative to fluorescent lighting.

awareness said...

Hi Carmi.

Lovely photo. My first thought was that of Judy's submission. Great minds think a like. :)

or how about...

"great minds think alight."

or a tribute to Elton's English Rose...

"the candle burned out long before her legend ever did..."

omg that was awful..

so, one more to try to pull my attempts out of last place....


ok, I have to think about it. I'll get back to you.

BreadBox said...

"A light in the darkness"


BreadBox said...

or "Something wicked this way flames"

Omykiss said...

Not another power failure!