Monday, January 28, 2008


Seeking warmth from the sun
Palm Beach, Florida, December 2007 [Click to embiggen]

We met so many lovely animals when we visited the Palm Beach Zoo. I have to admit it was a lot more fun watching and listening to our kids' reactions to them than it was seeing the animals directly. I enjoy our children's lens on life so much more than the glass-based one I so often hold in my hand.

Your turn: Living vicariously through those who matter most. Please discuss.

One more thing: Today marks 22 years since the space shuttle Challenger disaster and the midpoint of NASA's memorial week to the three major accidents which have blackened its history. I remember the crews of Apollo 1, Challenger and Columbia not because any of us will realistically be going into space anytime soon. But because they lost their lives in the pursuit of advancing the state of the human race. Where would we all be without this desire to push the envelope? I wrote this blog entry a couple of years back and this newspaper column in 2004. Even today, my old words still resonate in my head.

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Karen said...

Hi Carmi! This is so funny. I was just checking the e-mail on my blog and got your message. It's funny because I was just lurking on your blog but was too lazy to post a comment. Well, that wasn't nice so I'm back to say hello.

Love the warm weather pix. We are having an unbelievable winter - TONS of snow. Hard to believe that global warming is even a possibility!

Take care!

Sara said...

Interesting you bring up living vicariously through others as when I was home at Christmas many of my mates from growing up & college were saying they feel they live through me vicariously since they don't get to travel & that's sorta why I first started my blog!

Anna said...




I think you will like my shot that I posted last night!

Deana said...

No Carmi, I cannot be that old! I so remember sitting in a college class and for some reason the professor had brought in a TV for us to watch. We just all sat there stunned looking at each other like, did that really happen? What a tragedy. But surely that couldn't have been 22 years ago and I would be in college. I must be mistaken and watched it in elementary school.

Jason Roth said...

Great photo. We love going to the zoo and watching our son's reaction to all the "aminals." It's amazing how much excitement seeing a lizard will create.

Beverly said...

I love that lizard! When my son was at Penn State, during one spring break, a bunch of students came to Florida and camped out at my house.

In the morning when they went outside, they were amazed first of all at the sunshine, and then all the lizards running here and there.

I have a chameleon who lives on my front porch...maybe a "grand"chameleon by now. Whenever I walk out at night, if he's out, he's almost transparent. I love him.