Thursday, March 27, 2008

That friendly little glow

Little. Sepia. Round. Different.
London, ON, March 2008 [Click to embiggen]

I'd like to play the three-questions game, if you don't mind. I hope you'll take a quick sec to whimsically answer the following questions in a comment:
  • What is this?
  • Where did I find it?
  • What does it remind you of?
Remember: This is supposed to be fun. Please, no wagering.


Meeta Banerjee said...

1) The insides of a clock
2) in your house?
3) hahaha a birth control pill pack.

...sorry I had to go there. It was the first thing that came to mind. Freudian response I guess ;)

tommie said...

1. looking up into a lamp with an energy effiecient bulb

2. in your home

3. one of those cheesy shrimp rings from a grocery store

Anonymous said...

1) light fixture
2) overhead in a hotel lobby
3) one of those new-fangled rangetop burners

b13 said...

1. I agree with tommie.
2. at a quaint little eatery.
2. that one time in the desert... I can't really remember too much of it... but my a** is killing me ;)

megz_mum said...

1) The center looks like an "S" symbol, like "Superman". Could it be one of his toys, a frisbee or something as seen with his xray/enhanced vision??
2) Definitely outside as he would have lost it while playing with it before leaving on a Very Important Mission
3) Possibly a high security bank vault door (not that I have seen one!)
Other than that, I would have to go with rangetop burner also

Anonymous said...

1. Slide projector
2. in the attic
3. it makes me think of a time when I was sliding slides in, making sure they were in the right order and facing the right direction before a presentation.

Ririnette said...

This looks like the light at the dentist. I don't have other ideas, your Honor.

Ms Mac said...

1. A UFO from the deepest reaches of outer space. The final frontier, where no man has gone before, if you will.
2. Area 51, on a super-secret Alien Finding mission for the Canadian Government.
3. An alien roulette table which proves that aliens do exist and that gambling is their favourite hobby.

Jennie said...

1) a lamp
2) the dentist office
3) a UFO

Anna said...

1) a light fixture with an energy efficient light bulb (I noticed that right off)...

2) in a restaurant...

3) Close Encounters

You know I like this type of shot Carmi! Very nice!

CAM said...

1. Round Light Fixture

2. your in-laws hallway (they have one that looks like this to me)

3. A spinning roulette wheel (and I just lost $20)

Tiel Aisha Ansari said...

It's a heating element. You found it while huddling with your fellow-conspirators over a space heater in an abandoned warehouse, the dim glow shining off your pinched faces while you planned the route for the getaway car. It reminds me of HAL's eye, spying on your conversation in the airlock. Foolish Carmi, you should have enlisted Mike (from Moon is a Harsh Mistress) in the revolutionary cause!

Nestor Family said...

1. It looks like a light fixture.

2. You found it on one of your excursions with your kids ???

3. It first reminded me of an eye... but thought superchai's "birth control pill pack" answer was funny!

Sara said...

1. Light fixture with those weird spirl bulbs in the center.

2. Your house.

3. A tire rim with neon

kenju said...

I think Anna's right!

Omykiss said...

1) The button that just fell of your trousers
2) In the bottom of the washing machine
3) I have to sew the button back on my trousers :(

Carolyn said...

I think it's a burner on a flat ceramic stovetop in your kitchen. It reminds me of a UFO :)

Jill said...

1. Portable heater
2. At the in-laws
3. Those old fashioned hair dryers that used to swoop down from the ceiling and cover your entire head.

Anonymous said...

1) A pocket Stargate.
2) The dog dug it up while you were occupied with snapping a picture.
3) It reminds me of being terrified out of mind listening to Bill Cosby's "Chicken Heart" story on the ancient transistor radio in "the end room" of my grandparent's house, during a late-night storm, when I was about eight.

(My first two answers *may* have been in jest.)

Jennifer said...

not sure what it is... not sure where you found it but for some reason it disturbs me... it's giving me weird vibes... maybe because i don't know the above answers! lol!

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
What? - It looks like a heating element.
Where? - On either a gas or a smooth top stove.
Reminds me of a stained glass window.