Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wienermobile crashes. No mustard spilled.

Something strange must be going on with the planet's rotation. Last week it was Gilligan's Mary Ann doing reefer. This week it's belated news of the world's largest wiener, the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, crashing into a ditch. I swear I'm not making any of this up - and as far as I can tell, the two stories are not related. Join me for the ride, if you will...

The vehicle: The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile (homepage, wiki, photos) is a promotional hot dog on wheels designed to promote the company's, ah, products. No, I don't eat them. I only consume stuff I can identify. Ground up hog snouts don't qualify.

The scenario: On the way to visit Penn State university last month, the vehicle spun out on an icy highway and ended up stuck on the side of the road. No one was injured and damage was slight (smeared ketchup, maybe.) Autoblog wrote about the accident here.

The lesson: Giant hot dogs don't necessarily make the safest of winter vehicles (suggestion: all-wiener drive.) Too many men without brains have access to Internet-enabled computers (suggestion: snip.*) And giant hot dogs continue to roam the planet (suggestion: cardiologist.)

Your turn: The weirdest vehicle you ever saw was...? And you were doing WHAT at the time?

* If you read the Autoblog entry, you'll notice that a large number of cerebrally-challenged male readers commented - often rudely and crudely - about the fact that two women were piloting the vehicle at the time of the accident. And here I thought chauvinists who view females at the wheel in a disdainful manner went out of style right around the same time the preferred vehicle of these half-men - collectively, the AMC Pacer, Plymouth Volare and the Yugo - dropped their first (and last) transmission on their mommy's driveway. I guess I was wrong: Idiocy lives on in 2008.


Anonymous said...

There's a roofing company in San Jose, CA that has a pitched roof on the back of their pickup truck. One side is shingle, the other tile. It always makes me wish they had a snoopy doll on top.

Beverly said...

I never saw the Weinermobile, but once as I was driving along the interstate, I saw a huge Hershey's Kiss.

When I was coming to my son's, I came upon a Baby Ruth Semi. Painted on the back was a sign that said, "We Make Wide Mouths."

awareness said...

A septic tank truck run by a guy named Joe Rivers.... on the side of the truck it said...."Your shit is our bread and butter...."

honest to God..... it was in Beaverton, Ont.

The Weinermobile has visited Freddy Beach.

Oh, and I've seen a Bricklyn before. There is one that tools around here in the summer.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

My husband had the honor of working on the SPAMmobile a few years back. They even gave him a free can of SPAM. It's sitting in our cupboard. After all, I don't think SPAM has an expiration date.

But the most unusual vehicle would have to be the car with plastic fish covering every single square inch of it. We were on our way to Cub Scout day camp and came across it at a gas station. I'll have to find the photo and post it for WW.

Biddie said...

I have never seen anything even close to all of those weird vehicles.
My husband did have his own weiner mobile when he was a kid, though. A little ride on version.
I never even had a big wheel :(

barbie2be said...

oh my gosh... can you imagine? what a sight that must have been.

i love the oscar mayermobile.

michele sent me this time.