Sunday, January 11, 2009

Caption This 103

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Deerfield Beach, FL, December 2008
About this photo: We're exploring "new" as part of this week's Thematic Photographic, and after you've submitted a caption for this photo, I hope you'll click over here and share a photo or two for the latest TP theme.
Hard to believe it's been three weeks since I last posted a new Caption This entry (here's #102). I let a bunch of things slide over the holidays because I needed to relax. I tossed all my technology in a bag and spent most days not knowing what time it was.

I know that's not exactly the ideal way to build blog traffic, but I'm learning that life doesn't always have to revolve around being tethered to a laptop. Or a BlackBerry. Or anything with an on/off button, a battery and an AC adapter.

What I will remember is spending countless hours in a pool with our kids - mostly spent underwater while they "surfed" on my back - and coming home with just as much color on my face as my wife (most years, I was as pale as I was when I left because I spent most of our vacation working. No more.) I'll also remember sleeping in, waking up late, and welcoming the day cradling a mug of coffee in my hands and chatting about anything and everything with mishpacha (family) while the kids quietly - or not so quietly, whatever - played.

On the beach this day, I captured this photo that, in my vacation-softened mind, says "new" better than anything I brought home. You never quite know what a child's hands will get into. And no matter how dirty they get in the process, you always know they'll help him/her explore something new and wonderful. Kinda appropriate for this week's "new" theme, no?

Your turn: Please come up with a witty, fun or memorable caption for this photo. For more background on how Caption This works, feel free to click here. Otherwise, hit the Comment link below and submit as many as you possibly can. We encourage serial submitters, after all.

About the photo of a forlorn staircase at night: I like shooting in low light because it paints even the most ordinary scenes with additional poignancy. This same spot during the day just isn't as memorable. Honorable menschens go to these amazingly patient folks:
Salubrina: "Time steps on."
Judy: "Stairway to heaven?"
Moon: "Wouldn't want to be here alone at night"
Terry: "Riser."
Sara: Moi: "Shadow play."
Sara's "Stairs to no where" stuck in my mind, because I've never seen anyone actually use these stairs, and I have no idea where they lead. Maybe someday I'll find out, but for now, thanks to Sara, these stairs now have a tagline. Sara grew up in the U.S. but currently lives in the UK. Her blog, Garnet's Life Adventures, is a delightful reflection of her journey, and is always a fulfilling read. Please visit her to see what I mean.


Mel Fraase said...

This is my first try on the captions, here we go....
"okay, now did you want your sandwich with butter or without?"

Anonymous said...

Finger lickin' good...

BlackBerry's have an off button? :-D

me said...

Today a sandcastle, tomorrow the world

kenju said...

The sands of time stop here.

Nikita said...

I love this photo! It just reminds me of being a kid, when dirty hands didn't spark an outcry of " Germs, we're gonna die!"

My first caption...
"I only got two hands, and they're both full.."

awareness said...

the busy hands of an explorer

breakfast is ready. we're having sand pancakes.

Christine Gram said...


Pamela said...

Ocean's Ten

Anonymous said...

Gritty determination

Handy dandy

Mr. Sandman's hands

Happy hands

Exploratory surgery

Boy toys

Lynda said...

Oh, I like Awareness' answer, except I would make them "sandcakes" :-)

To me, it looks like,"Eeeewww, get it off!"

Keith said...

Sigh... This ois my point. I dedicate my life to using a technology as long as it remains around five years obsolete.

With that standard, I am still able to surf the net, wrfite my blog, enjoy the sunsets, and celebrate life.

This laptop is a little on the new side, but we get along, regardless.

Thank you for the post.

photowannabe said...

So glad you set aside your work and were the Dad and Hubby your family needed. I think you came back a different person. Kudos to you Carmi!!!
" The sands of time"

Hilary said...

True grit

Sara said...

Thanks Carmi, that just brightened my no so bright day!! Will come back with a few captions, cheers mate!

Sara said...

Mr Sandman's Dreams

Sara said...

facial scrub anyone?

Terri said...

Love letters in the sand

PastormacsAnn said...

Great photo!

My caption: Instruments of construction...or destruction.

Rachel said...

What a great photo! I love how sweet the little hands of kids are. I'm glad that you took time to enjoy your time with your family -- I'm sure your kids will remember surfing on your back for a long, long time. ;)

Thanks for stopping by the other day and sharing your congrats!!