Saturday, January 10, 2009

New talent

My daughter's eyes
Deerfield Beach, FL, December 2008
About this photo: Thematic Photographic zooms in on "new" all week long. If you haven't shared yours yet - or even if you have and you want another shot - head over here to get started.
No excuses: my wife and I are a bit on the artsy side. After spending their entire lives watching us do weird things with cameras, pens, paintbrushes and pencils, it was only a matter of time before our kids started clamoring for tools of their own. We're only too happy to oblige.

While we were away, they spent a lot of time using my wife's point-and-shoot camera. And as they did, I just as often found myself following them. My daughter reminds me so much of my wife when she's creating something. It's a privilege to be able to stand quietly off to the side and watch her do her thing.

Your turn: When the next generation learns from the previous. Please discuss.


~j said...

teaching the next generation - it's one of the reasons we homeschool. to give the children ample opportunity to spend time exploring life. from serving at homeless shelters to traveling to third-world countries to after-school jobs to being production assistants at local theatre companies, they have watched many different people do different jobs with different work styles. they have all developed their own list of priorities and are carrying that list into their careers.

love the picture! my photographer daughter started out "messing around" with my point and shoot at her brother's baseball tournaments. it kept her occupied and it turned into a career.

mo.stoneskin said...

Ever see the "infinite cat project"? (Google it if not) You should do an equivalent, get a picture of you taking a picture of them taking a picture, and well, go on forever I guess.

Holly Schwendiman said...

We got cameras for the kids for birthdays this past's been WONDERFUL!


Robin said...

Both of my kids are avid budding photographers too. It warms my heart to watch them, and I'm profoundly grateful for the opportunity to see a bit of the world through their eyes.

Here's my own new entry :).

utenzi said...

Your daughter looks very serious as she frames her shot. And it's such a nice portrait of that endeavor, Carmi.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter looks so focused. I am not a photographer, but my daughter has followed my foot steps into the world of writing. I love to read her creations.

kenju said...

I love watching my granddaughters play with my dollhouses. That's when I can hear phrases coming out of their mouths (as they admonish or teach their dolls) that they have learned from their parents or from mr. kenju and me. It lets me know we are all on the right track in teaching the children to be responsible people.

Mojo said...

Teaching the next generation is something we do whether we will or no. My oldest son just turned 26 and is the embodiment of that age old parental curse: "when you grow up I hope you have one just like you!". I can pick any point in his life, rewind 22 years and see myself doing the same things -- the hard way.

Hopefully he's also learned from my mistakes and won't have to make all of the same ones for the lesson to take hold.

She's a beauty Carmi, just like her mom. And it thrills me to see you put a camera in her hands at a young age. Had I been able to explore my interest in the art as a kid, who knows how far I'd have gone? I actually had a camera at the age of 6 (a Kodak Insta-Matic that used 124 cartridge film and flashchubes (remember those?). Unfortunately I had not means to pay for film and processing meaning I could only visualize the shots most of the time.

Great shot!

awareness said...

Beautiful photo...I love how you captured your daughter while she was focused on creating. :) Both of my children are taking up similar "loves" They are heavily into music like their father....I love listening to them talk together about new musicians and songs. My daughter received a camera for Christmas and has managed to capture some terrific pictures....many in black and white. My son received a compact video camera which he is delighted with. I look forward to his next Youtube attempts!
I can see how they are training their own eyes to capture life around us....from the changes outdoors to recognizing the birds to hearing a piece of music which makes them smile.

Anonymous said...

I love the soft light here. It looks like she is concentrating deeply on the composition of her photo.

It is such fun to witness our children develop their many talents.

Julie said...

What a great shot and will we soon see her photo blog on here?

Rainbow dreams said...

how wonderful Carmi - we are so influenced by our environment - both of mine enjoy various aspects of art / photography...inherited from their father really and they take such care in it. Thank you for sharing, Katie

Rainbow dreams said...

how wonderful Carmi - we are so influenced by our environment - both of mine enjoy various aspects of art / photography...inherited from their father really and they take such care in it. Thank you for sharing, Katie

sorry if this comes through twice.. blogger is playing up tonight!

Janet said...

Lovely shot, Carmi. I just played :-)