Friday, April 10, 2009

Peter piper picked...

Fruit of the earth
London, ON, March 2009
About this photo: It's edible week this week. To join in on the Thematic Photographic nuttiness, click here and hold on tight.
My wife and kids know what's coming when I get The Look in my eye. I hold whatever it is that attracts my attention up and analyze it from every angle possible. Sometimes, disaster ensues. More often than not, though, they sigh that knowing sigh - a curious mixture of permission and exasperation - that results in my fetching the camera and taking a picture. Or two. Or more.

And so it was when I spied this red pepper. Debbie had to wait a couple of minutes before it met its inevitable fate in the salad bowl. She's sweet like that. So are her salads.

Your turn: Your favorite food(s). Why?


bobbie said...

Well, it turned out to be a beautiful picture that you can be proud of. So I guess it was worth a little wait.

Mojo said...

What's a few minutes extra life for a pepper when there's art to be made? I mean really!

But oh, how I know "The Sigh". Capitalized. Because it's the same everywhere. But trust me my friend, if that's as bad as it gets you're doing well.

Then again, I've always said you were lucky that way. Which I'm sure you already knew.

I wasn't risking marital strife when I took this one, but had I held up the proceedings for very much longer I might have been risking grievous injury to my person. It's one thing to keep the family who knows your predilection for photographing odd subjects waiting for their salads. Quite another to keep a room full of drooling people from getting their claws into a decadent dessert like this one:

Thematic Photographic 44: "Edible" v.3.0: Not To Be Trifled With

Happy Pesach mon ami!

(Jeez, maybe I should've tossed some Hindi in there for good measure, huh? How about Pesach ki badhai! Yeah, that works.)

Jeannette StG said...

No, it's still you turn, because you didn't tell exactly what your favorite food is, and why!!!

If you did, you did so very indirectly, LOL
So I'll have mercy and tell you that my favorite food is pasta.
why? It's so easy to make, you can't go wrong.

morgan B said...

What a gorgeous photo!! Tee red pepper in it's glory :)

More of often then not, whe n I get that look in my eye... disaster ensues too!

Anyway. Hope you have a good long weekend. Netchick sent me.

Wendy said...

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! And not because it's Easter.

Nice pic of the pepper, Peter ( I mean Carmi) LOL!

Thomas said...

That's a great close-up. You should try placing it against a white background for that model contract or catalog look.

Thomas :)

(NetChick sent me, but I would have made it over here on my own anyways, sooner or later.)

Glennis said...

What a wonderful and scrumptious photo. I just want to hold it! said...

I am glad I am not the only one who's children and family sigh when I reach for the camera. I love pizza but only home made stuff, I enjoy making them.

I found a heart shaped potato which I took a photo of recently and I am waiting for it to get wrinkly so I can compare it with a then and now.

momemts in time said...

Hi Carmi
Some things just have to be photographed.... that is all there is to it.

Classic art has a lot to answer for.

If you get the chance and you have not seen them already check out Edward Weston's series on peppers here is no 30

I tried some similar ones (these are low res scans) with bananas and there was an amazing time lapse series of a bowl of fruit decaying photo and the time lapse film ~ absolutly beautiful.
But two questions: would our wives be as patient as this and never get to use the fruit? ... and if Adam had a camera would Eve have been able to pick let alone eat the apple?
My wife found a potatoe that had sprouted abvout 60cm and as i write this ist resided in posterity on a surface where it is occasionally photographed (by her)

sealaura said...

just put my answer up! This was a tough one, so I started with a few treats.