Monday, September 10, 2012

GoDaddy hacked by Anonymous. Danica Patrick not pleased.

It's a bad day in webland as GoDaddy, one of the largest and best-known domain registrars/hosts anywhere - Danica Patrick, anyone? - has apparently been hacked by a member of the shadowy Anonymous group who calls himself Anonymousown3r and says he's the group's security leader. Okay, whoever this doofus is, millions of websites, including some big ones, are either down or severely compromised.

GoDaddy, you may recall, is the outfit that uses provocative messaging to get folks to pay attention. Because T&A is an integral part of hosting a website, right?

Suuuure, it is.

I'm guessing some budget priorities are about to shift. Less money for spandex, more for security. Danica can go back to driving. Or whatever.

Your turn: Thoughts?

One more thing: Welcome, Googlers. I know you came for the GoDaddy. Hope you'll stick around for the (virtual) Chardonnay.


Mike Wood said...

Like their commercials say, Danica on the outside, and geeks in wiring closets on the inside. but that is a huge takedown. I had my domain with GoDaddy for a while but shut it down as it was not getting me anywhere. Should have kept the registration instead of the squatter who has it now... Get Danica to do security. Or perhaps not. :)

Pat Tillett said...

Like it or not, it's just crazy...