Thursday, September 13, 2012

More iPhone, then I'm done. I swear

It's been a crazy time around here, and the zaniness will continue this morning with a round of interviews that'll include CBC Ontario Morning, CJAD in my hometown of Montreal and CTV's Canada AM.

The bad? Little sleep, early wakeup calls and the challenge of keeping the rest of my life somewhat in balance while I work my way through the storm.

The good? Tiptoeing out of a darkened house with my laptop and phone in hand to do the first radio interview of the day. It's dark as sin, and I'm thinking how anti-glamorous this media-from-home thing can be. Then I look up at the still inky-black sky. The tiny sliver of the moon hovers in beyond-hi-def perfection, surrounded by a carpet of planets and stars that seems more brilliant than I can ever remember. It's dead-quiet as I stand there, completely alone, and wonder how I came to be in this time, in this place, drinking in this impossible beauty.

It's almost air time, but I thought you'd enjoy that tiny little moment on a not-so-tiny (well, for me, anyway) day.

If you're in a reading mood, I wrote the following two articles, too:
Your turn: Look up at the sky. What do you see?

One more thing: Speaking of impossible beauty, it's my wife's birthday today. Her blog is here, and her Facebook page is here. She's lovely, and I'm lucky to have another year with her.


21 Wits said...

Well let's hope that it will be far more than a year, with her. :) A very happy birthday to her! I trust you'll make it special for her! As far as being done with anything techy- never, there will always be something new and more improved (I just heard my daughter's Kindle Fire is outdated by another one) :( as is her DS3 whatever, although hers can take photos! Oh my, what a world right! I did discover a new techy moment of magic from Samsung, where you can face two of their phones together and just tap one of them to move a photo from one phone to another! Amazing right!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Happy Happy, Carmi and family!