Thursday, May 02, 2013

A rose is a rose is a rose

Pretty in pink
London, ON
February 2013
Thematic. Vegetative. Here.
I don't take nearly enough pictures of flowers. That's largely because I don't bring them home nearly as often as I should. Bad Carmi!

This time, however, I managed to get the camera to the vase before time took its toll. Or before the dog managed to jump up onto the table and take care of it himself. He doesn't mean to be mischievous. He just is. And we love him for it.

Back to the flowers. On the surface, they're wholly impractical and sadly transient. Once upon a time the practical/cynical side of me failed to see their purpose. Sure, they looked lovely, but they didn't do anything. Well, beyond costing a lot of money. And once you bought them, you got to watch them slowly wither back to nothingness, crunchy remnants of now-lost beauty.

None of that matters when you're surrounded by family, though. Because a flower's worth has nothing to do with practicality and everything to do with the message it sends. And you can't put a price on that. Nor should you.

So as I stare at these long-since trashed roses, I think of the moment I decided to pick them up, the moment I brought them through the front door, and how lucky I felt - then as now - to have someone to bring them to.

Your turn: What do flowers mean to you?


rennratt said...

I prefer flowers planted outside, rather than cut and in a vase.

If Chachi wants to make me smile, he brings me a 'bouquet' of books.

Tabor said...

That is the other side of the have someone to bring them to.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

U have definitely caught that soft look to those roses... Roses/flowers in general have so many meanings for me.... I remember the flowers my kids would get for me.. their attempt at having them delivered (paid delivery) as well as the hand picked... Also, when us wives would talk about how our hubbies would buy last minute flowers at the market and forget to take the price tag off of the paper that was wrapped around them...and of course the flowers at a funeral... Red carnations are not a good remembrance at all for me...