Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Ring around the sun

Thanks to my parents' long-ago (and getting longer) decision to have me, the fact that they did so on the planet Earth, and that folks way smarter than I'll ever be decided eons ago to use orbital mechanics to measure time, today is apparently my birthday.

I learned this via a number of other channels:

  • Our youngest son burst into the room at first light and gave me a birthday hug
  • My wife and kids decorated the house, and most of the decorations had my name on them
  • Oodles of folks on Facebook have been saying so on my wall
  • My phone's been chirping all day

I'm long past the point at which birthdays were excuses for a big, boisterous party in Mom and Dad's basement, complete with too-loud music and overflowing bowls of cheesies. I no longer relish the prospect of adding another year to a number that's already getting, ahem, up there.

But I've got to admit I rather enjoy the hullabaloo that surrounds this one day of the year, when everything is tinged with just a hint of special, and everyone you encounter smiles just a little more. I've never been entirely comfortable when folks turn the spotlight on me, but it's nice to be surrounded by so much warmth. Days like today remind me how blessed I am with family, friends, health and opportunity - more, frankly, than I ever thought I'd deserve.

Now, to find a way to capture some of the loveliness of today and spread it out over the 364 days that, if I'm lucky, lie ahead of me before the next one. If you have any secrets to share with me, I'm all ears.


awareness said...

Always find something to laugh about every day. And if you can't, fake laughter works too.... because it feels so absurd and weird, it makes you laugh for real. Why? Well, it turns out laughter extends our lives, and tickles our heart muscles.

Cheers Carmi!

Unknown said...

What timing!
I just stopped by to tell you that I am officially back in the blogosphere...
Best Birthday Present Ever, huh???


Happy Birthday, my dear friend.
I have been gone a long time.
I never forgot your kind inspiring you found my sharings. You were able to see something I couldn't see at the time.

I'm feeling healthy enough to share again.

And I hope to see you around the blogosphere .
Your sharings ALWAYS made me smile.
I'm so glad you, Kenju, and Sage are still around.

I hope you had a fabulous day, Carmi.
Wishing you the most extraordinarily blessed, fun, and exciting year ever.

Warm Regards,


PS. Are you still advocating oatmeal for breakfast?

Alexia said...

Great post!
And... Happy Birthday!
I'm a Taurean too, and I am looking forward to Sunday, even though I say loudly to anyone in earshot that I don't believe in birthdays.
The only reason I look forward to it is that I KNOW I will hear from son, daughter, and grand kids. There's something about a 2 year-old saying "Happy Birhday, G'anma" on the phone from Australia :)

MB said...

Wishing you a very Happy Belated Birthday! May you continue to be blessed in all the ways that truly matter. Cheers!

MB said...

Wishing you a very Happy Belated Birthday! May you continue to be blessed in all the ways that truly matter. Cheers!