Monday, May 27, 2013

Throw momma from the train, a kiss

Little man goes to Washington
London, ON
May 2013
Sunday mornings are normally for sleeping in, lazy mornings when we let the kids take care of the dog while we enjoy our only untimed, unscheduled, undeadlined morning of the week.

Not this Sunday.

We set alarms for 5 a.m. and drowsily patted a puzzled puppy as we ushered our bleary-eyed little man out the door and into a frosty car. Yesterday was a big day for him, one he'd been waiting for all year: his class trip to Washington, DC.

We cruised into the school parking lot and joined up with a similarly bleary-eyed group of parents and kids. The sun hadn't risen high enough in the sky yet, so everyone's priority while we waited for the rest of the kids to arrive was to ward off the chill.

Soon enough, the group was complete and they gathered up their bags and converged with their teachers on the mega-van rented for the trip. After a quick last-hug, Noah hopped in with his friends, smiling faces and waving hands mostly concealed by the tinted glass. And then, just like that, they were gone.

Since this is 2013, he was able to message us whenever they stopped along the way and found free wi-fi. He pinged us as soon as they got to the hotel, too - and sent his sister a picture of the hotel pool. I expect he'll be taking a lot of pictures, absorbing a lot of experiences, and writing yet another page in the journal of a rapidly expanding life.

It was a quiet house last night. As I fetched the dog from Noah's empty room, I counted the number of sleeps left until he returns home Thursday night. Only four; a blink, really. Knowing him, however, we knew he was already filling his first night away with memories he'll carry for decades. Doubtless he'll do the same with every moment on this trip, because that's just the way he is. And we wouldn't have it - or him - any other way.

Happy travels, little man.

Your turn: What was your favorite childhood trip?


21 Wits said...

Such a sweet photo, I can see both you and your life wife in his expression! Field trips past and future are like the best ever! My most favorite as a child, was living in Lansing, Michigan my 6th grade class of 105 students, team teaching we had to ready us for junior high, board the train!!! and we went to Chicago! Unbelievable trip, the Field Museum, China Town, Sun newspapers, and more- we went back home by bus! I see can see so much of that one trip so clearly right now! He will no doubt remember this for life as well! God Bless field trips.

MorahMommy said...

He was so excited and you can't help being excited for him. I miss him and can't wait for all the stories. As much as I want him to come home quickly, I hope the time crawls for him. He's such a great kid....just look at his Daddy!

Luv u! xoxo