Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Spray painting the countryside

Pounding the rails
London, ON
May 2013

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The broken window theory dictates that leaving just one broken window unrepaired in a neighborhood leads to increases in criminal activity. It's almost as if the appearance of degradation tacitly encourages the kinds of behaviors that drive further criminal activity - and additional community decline.

I'd include graffiti in that list, as well, because despite claims that those who wield spray cans are graffiti artists, I rather vehemently disagree with the notion. Indeed, some might have artistic capability, and some might indeed be seeking new means to express themselves.

But one quick look at the sad sprayings on the side of this train car suggest whoever wielded the can didn't graduate at the top of his/her graffiti education class.

I may sound like the curmudgeonly guy up the street who yells at hockey-playing kids, but it's vandalism, pure and simple. If these so-called artists wanted to legitimately practice their craft, they could make proper arrangements to secure an appropriate venue. Given the mad skills many of them (sorry, not here) apparently have, I think we'd all enjoy their work if it were done in a more respectful manner.

And get off my lawn.


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