Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When sun meets horizon

Say goodbye to the day
London, ON
June 2012
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The end of the day, as the sun slips beneath the visible horizon and the sky slowly goes dark, carries with it a certain amount of sadness. While we all know our star will always rise in the morning, it's also pretty presumptuous of us to take that fact for granted.

What if, after all, we're not around to witness it?

The universe works in strange ways, and you just never know what might happen next. So when the sky begins to glow in that ethereal tone that makes you stop in your tracks, by all means take the time to stop in your tracks.

Drink it in. Enjoy the moment. Feel the soft light on your face before the sun, 93 million miles away, slips once more away from sight. Then hang around a little longer after sunset to watch the golden sky slowly morph into deep blue, and then, finally, black.

Because you just never know.

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