Tuesday, October 01, 2013

When life serves up lemons...

London, ON
September 2013
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The grocery store continues to beckon, and I continue to flirt with disaster every time I pull a camera out and start shooting.

I'm guessing there's some rule, documented somewhere, that says you're not allowed to photograph the produce. Or anything else in the store, for that matter. But call me a rebel, these lemons were calling me. They were just so...yellow.

I pretended to look something up on my iPad as I loaded the camera app, confirmed settings and prepared to compose. One quick shot later and it was back to picking fruit.

The nearby store employee pulling the cart loaded with bananas never had a clue.

Your turn: What should be my next fruit of opportunity? I'm taking requests.

P.S. Wave to my wife. She's just behind the topmost lemon on the top of the frame. I know she's deep into the bokeh, but she's lovely all the same.

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