Monday, February 03, 2014

Reach for the sky

Grab on. Don't let go.
London, ON
April 2012
Thematic. Threesies. Here.
The other day I had to drive by the park where our kids used to play. As it's the middle of winter, the playground equipment was largely covered with snow, unused and ignored during its long winter hibernation.

Soon enough winter will be over (come on, Groundhog Day groundhogs, please cut us some slack) and this now-cold, quiet place will once again fill with the seemingly endless soundscape of screaming kids.

I admit I miss being here. Our kids still come here occasionally when they're looking for something different to do. They know they're a bit too old for it, but I think they miss the innocence of the place just as much as I do. When you could swing for hours without a care in the world. Or grab onto the monkey bars and pretend you were launching yourself to the sky, to a place where you were taller than your mom, where the horizon seemed to stretch forever.

Your turn: Now that you're an adult, where do you play?

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patti said...

OK, I'll confess. Now that I'm an adult, I lay face down in the grass on a warm summer day, and pretend I'm a giant surveying my domain. :)