Sunday, February 09, 2014

When life hits a crossroads

Which way do I turn?
Toronto, ON
August 2013
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I'll never get tired of shooting railroad tracks. Unlike any other transportation technology, they speak to the future as strongly as they speak to the past. They built this country, and they could yet build it again if we have the guts to change the way we think about infrastructure.

Call me an optimist, but every time I'm near a place like this, I dream about a future of high-speed, efficient, affordable train travel and how it can revolutionize the way we live in an energy-constrained, time-obsessed world.

Probably won't happen in my lifetime, because we're instead stuck with politicians more focused on pulling down flags at city hall (shame on you, Rob Ford) or defending themselves from fraud allegations while wantonly wasting taxpayer money on their own self-interest (I'll reserve judgment, Joe Fontana, but thanks to Billy T and other missteps you're still never getting my vote.) They have no guts, no vision. And yet voters who can't be bothered to engage in the democratic process continue to blindly support them, which further dooms us to more of the same.

Still, it never costs anything to dream, right?

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Cloudia said...

Kleptocracy and circus! I'm secretly and thoroughly disgusted by public affairs- don't tell my readers who count on me for a whiff of positivity!

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