Sunday, March 16, 2014

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Cracks in the paint
London, ON
December 2013
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As I was walking the dog last night, I noticed something I hadn't seen in a while: pavement. This has been such a brutally cold and long winter that the snow, which normally melts between storms, had kept concrete sidewalks and most side streets completely covered with snow and ice. Thanks to a couple of above-freezing days, that started to change, albeit slowly.

As I tried to keep Frasier from following his schnauzer-bred nose into every newly uncovered - and generally filthy - nook and cranny in the neighborhood, I started noticing details that only a pedestrian moving at a snail's pace would pick up on. Like how much of a disaster the roads and sidewalks have become, and how dangerous it can be to cross them even at the grand speed of 2.36 km/h.

I thought back to this pic, taken in a quiet parking lot in December. The paint needed a fresh coat and the potholes were just out of frame, waiting to imprison any motorist too occupied with texting to notice. Still, cracked paint and all, the geometry seemed right. So did the message: keep looking up. The road always beckons us forward.

Your turn: Where does this arrow point?


Gilly said...

Now being yellow, here it would probably be in a car park. Pointing towards the exit. Road signs on the road are always white.

Not sure that I am ready to exit yet!! :)

Unknown said...

I had a dream that on the first day of #spring each #pothole in London would have a volunteer citizen stand in a pot-hole near their home and send a picture to City Hall to "geo-locate" the massive need for repair. Good thing it was only a dream , there would be flood . :)

21 Wits said...

Upward! :)