Saturday, March 29, 2014

This is what you miss when you're asleep

First light
Pompano Beach, FL
December 2011
Thematic. Liquidity. Here.
I have this strange need to stand on beaches and watch the water. Or maybe it's more like feel the water. And the wind. And the delightfully strange smells of the place. Salt in my nose, sand in between my toes, and the relentless white noise from the surf. On the one hand it's sensory overload. On the other hand I can never get enough of it.

I woke up early on this vacation morning. In a moment that now seems like it was a lifetime ago - because in so many ways it was - my wife and I were alone in a beachfront hotel. Our in-laws were looking after the kids, and as much as I probably should have simply slept in, I felt this relentless pull to pick up my camera inside our darkened room and wander out to the similarly darkened beach. How often, after all, did I get to watch a sunrise? How often would I be here to simply drink it in?

Not often enough. So out I went. And despite an ominously grey/blue haze of barely-lit overcast, I sat, alone, on the beach, hoping against hope that somehow the skies would open up just enough to make my pre-dawn wakeup worthwhile.

As you can see, Mother Nature eventually cooperated. And I learned to take advantage of the moment, because you don't know how many you might get.

Your turn: Are you an early riser? What does it take to get you out of bed before dawn?


Dawn said...

Love being awake before anyone else. Makes me feel as though the day belongs to me.

21 Wits said...

Not often enough for sure! Seize the moments when you can. What would get me to do that? The very exact thing you just described! More often now, it's a dog needing to go out! Unfortunately that scene doesn't happen enough. You're so right about the early morning hours, to roam about pretty much all by yourself. So peaceful and awakening at the same time!

Gilly said...

I'm a morning person - so yes, I'd be out there at the other end of the beach!!

Dogs like mornings too - come rain or shine!

carmilevy said...

Dawn: As much as I love my sleep, you've captured exactly why I enjoy getting up early. That feeling of being first, of truly owning the day, is impossible to describe, but oh so rewarding.

carmilevy said...

Karen: Some of my most memorable moments are backstopped by the feeling that there aren't enough of them to go around. I worry about how many more mornings on the beach I'll get. Or quiet walks with the dog. Or whatever. Maybe I'm being too much of a worry-wart, but I find it helps me to really value what we've been given, and not take it for granted.

carmilevy said...

Gilly: I know a lot of dog owners who complain about walking the dog whether they want to or not, whether the weather is great or foul. But here's the thing: we CHOSE to bring our dog into our family. And I kind of owe him a lot for ensuring I can't wimp out on my regularly timed obligation. Without him, I wouldn't get nearly as much exercise as I already do. So someone owes a furry someone a thank-you hug, I suspect :)