Saturday, March 15, 2014

When there's thunder overhead

Something's brewing up there
London, ON
July 2013
Thematic. Look way up. Here.
I have a secret obsession with thunderstorms. When they roll in - which they do, often, in our neck of the woods - I like to stare at the sky and feel the energy of the thing. As the clouds build, they seem strangely comforting, an impenetrable presence in a sky that's usually limitless. You feel like you're watching an important game - doesn't really matter what that game is - and something significant is about to happen.

The kids were at a program on this hot, humid summer's night, so instead of driving home and then driving back when it was done, I parked the car and took a walk. I stayed close because I could already feel that something was cooking in the atmosphere. That, and the fact that my smartphone told me a thunderstorm warning was in effect.

So I wandered to a quiet park nearby, sat on a bench and just waited. The clouds slowly built themselves into towering thunderheads. They didn't seem to move one way or another - just up. The growing rumbles and occasional flash from within suggested the fun only just getting underway.

I couldn't stay for the main event, because soon enough I had to get back to the car and load the munchkins up for the ride home. But for a few minutes, I had a front-row seat to one of the best shows I'd seen in a while. I'm sure it won't be long before the sky puts on its next show.

I guess my secret isn't much of a secret anymore.

Your turn: Do you watch the sky? What do you see?


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Oh no, I never watch the sky. Don't want to see that lightning strike coming, no sir!

/ just kidding, Carmi!

21 Wits said...

Checking out the sky, and all the lovely pieces that come with it, like the moon, a sunset, stars it's all music to my soul! Lately though, we've been having just far too many grey skies and not much else with it.

Margie said...

Oh that magnificent sky and I are the best of friends.
In Colorado I get to see some truly outstanding shows.

When you mentioned 'your munchkins' I smiled as that is what I always called my kids, they are grown now.

Great shot!!!!!!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

LOVE those clouds!