Monday, May 26, 2014

Keep your feet on the ground...

Big stretch
London, ON
March 2014
Thematic. Trees & branches. Here.
I'm not one to follow the lives of celebrities. There are, after all, so many more things to discuss and learn from, and it seems like such a waste of energy to devote brain cycles to the Kardashians or the Biebers of the world.

And yet here I find my interest piqued by the life of Casey Kasem, the legendary radio host whose decline - he suffers from dementia - has been garnering headlines of late after he was reported missing by family members. He has since been located, but the incident laid bare a rather nasty battle between various family members.

Illness is tragic. Illness plus family strife is tragedy compounded, and I do hope the man finds some sense of peace amid all of this. In the meantime, his tagline - keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars - always seems to come to mind whenever I find myself staring at the canopy of a tree.

There's no way in heck that tree will ever come remotely close to the stars. But it reaches for them, anyway. Somehow, not trying in the first place isn't an option. For the tree, and, I'm guessing, for anyone who chooses to look at it.

Your turn: What are you reaching for?

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