Friday, May 09, 2014

The sorry state of wireless in Canada

J.D. Power released a survey yesterday that suggested Canadian wireless consumers are increasingly satisfied with the service they receive from our national carriers. The more I dug into the numbers, the more I started to wonder. If things were really so peachy, why was it impossible for me to find one friend, colleague or family member who was happy with his/her wireless service?

Canadians love to complain about everything. While we tend to do so politely - often apologizing for our curmudgeonliness - we also tend to leave our best (or would that be our worst) whining for our wireless carriers. We spend too much, get too little, receive lousy customer service and little loyalty. We need mobile devices to survive in today's world, but we feel hosed every time we walk into the store.

So to bridge the apparent gap between this survey's conclusions and my own experiences, I did some research and wrote this opinion piece for Yahoo Canada Finance: Canada’s wireless industry isn’t as rosy as it seems

I think I need some tea to calm down. And where's my smartphone? Kids, get off of my lawn!

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