Friday, May 23, 2014

Telus, Mobilicity, Canada, the U.S., and you

In between throwing on a pair of cargo shorts, a t-shirt and sandals and walking the dog, I write. Wait, that's a lie. I often write after I walk the dog. Like late at night. Or early in the morning. Because that's the quietest time of day when the noise of the rest of the world seems to ease off and give me just enough head space to get some real think work done.

And so it was last night as I drafted an outline and threw together some disconnected snippets for Friday's deadlined article, then tucked myself in, only to wake up long before most other folks in our time zone so I could listen to the voices in my head churn various ideas and treatments. When the pieces finally seemed to start coalescing around something workable, I rolled out of bed and padded down to the office.

Before long, the article was done. It's about Telus's failed bid - actually, its third bid - to take over Mobilicity (think big wireless carrier fish trying to swallow smaller, flailing wireless carrier fish and you've kinda got it.) The Telus/Mobilicity flameout illustrates the challenges we continue to face in our rather expensive, less-than-optimally-competitive wireless market. For some bizarre reason, I find telecom-based stories to be infinitely fun to research and write, and I was particularly pleased with this outcome.

Here's a link to the resulting article on Yahoo Canada Finance:
Telus & Mobilicity: Why competitiveness hangs in the balance
Enjoy the read!

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