Monday, June 09, 2014

Obsolete and fading

Please fix me
Grand Bend, ON
September 2014
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In life, some things are timeless, while others never seem to break out of the decade when they were created. You can easily tell when something doesn't "age well", and this delightful town with a delightful beach has plenty of examples up and down the main drag.

I don't say this negatively. Because "didn't age well" doesn't mean uninteresting. And it doesn't mean it isn't vital, either. I can't imagine a world without references to our past, without history, without reminders of where we came from. It doesn't always have to be pretty, or perfect, or even classy. Because I'm not sure who defines "classy" in the first place, and I'm not sure I'd agree with them even if I knew who they were.

And as I look at this tired old sign with the hyperbolic message, the missing letters and the ripped-from-the-70s color and design, I think the world would miss out if places like this ceased to exist. They wear their history in plain sight, and they probably wouldn't be anywhere near as memorable if they were updated to fit a more modern design ethic or ideal. Some things deserve to be left as they are, and I'd argue this is just such a place.

Your turn: When older is better...please discuss.


Bob Scotney said...

I'm sure I'm getting better with age - well more mellow anyway. I've no wish to be obsolete!

Cloudia said...

When the alternative is nonexistence, Carmi!

Unknown said...

I laughed a little and agreed with you, Carmi! Always a place for these reminders of the past. It's good.

21 Wits said...

I'm with Cloudia on this! :)

Pat Tillett said...

I'd advise passing on the "reek salad."

Vintage signs are one thing, crappy modern day signs is quite another.