Monday, June 23, 2014

Returning to the fold...

I've been quite the blog-slacker lately. Posts here have been few and far between, and Thematic took a bit of an unannounced hiatus, as well.

London Free Press
Business Page
June 20, 2014
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Part of me needed a little break from the routine, and it was probably good for the soul for me to let things go quiet for a bit while I tended to the other things in life that needed tending*. Sometimes, you just have to shuffle your priorities even if it means leaving once-sacrosanct parts of your life behind for a bit.

The nice thing about vacations is they make you appreciate the everyday that much more when you return to it. Which is where I find myself now: Rested, energized, ready for whatever might flow out of my fingers next. Like you, I'm not entirely sure what that will be, but I'm looking forward to it all the same.

Thanks for your patience. It's good to be back.

Your turn: So...what's new with you?

* This is the scrum that surrounded BlackBerry CEO John Chen as he showed a prototype Passport device to journalists at last week's AGM in Waterloo (story here). Notice anyone familiar? Getting to meet him again was, in a word, inspirational.