Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Artist in Residence

Seeing the forest for the trees
London, ON
December 2014
All works by Debbie Levy. Click or tap to enlarge.

I've spent a lifetime working my way up to being able to create stick figures, so it's quite an experience for me to live in a house with a wife and daughter who can sketch, draw and paint circles - and virtually anything else - around me.

Aside from the practical applications - homegrown art throughout the house - it's the kind of thing that so often makes you stop in your tracks and wonder about where this comes from, and how some people seem to be gifted with it, while others not.

I find it inspiring when they carve time out of their lives to get into the creative groove. There's never enough time for any of us to get to all of our wants because we're often so busy focusing on the needs. Yet art feeds the soul, and no one has ever had to explain that to the two most important ladies in my life.

So my wife took art classes at a local studio this semester, and as much as she came home each week bubbling from the experience, I hadn't had a chance to see what she had created until the end-of-term open house over the weekend. All the students' works were up on the wall as friends and family members slowly circulated through the space. I politely appreciated everyone else's creations, but let's be frank: The only ones that truly mattered to me were these. Hers.

Whether she's wielding a brush or simply talking to our kids, my wife amazes me. As lovely as she is to look at, it's her soul - artist, wife, mom, friend - that's always set her apart and drawn me into her orbit. And thanks to her being struck by creative lightning when she was born, I'm not the only one who sees it. Enjoy.

Your turn: I believe everyone has some kind of creative gift. What's yours?


Sylvie Verwaayen said...

There is nothing like homegrown art in your household. If a child in the family also has an artistic or creative gift, even the better. I am lucky that both of my children have their oiwn artistic spin. Our son is an actor-writer-teacher and our daughter is an ex gymnast-photographer and architect in training. You are all blessed to live in a home where creativity is encouraged and celebrated. I wish more people understood the advantages of creativity on their quality of life. All the best with your blog. Cheers!

Tabor said...

"Struck by creative lightning"...clearly you are creative with words! She does have a beautiful style.

Thumper said...

Wow...and seriously, a literal, amazed "Wow" escaped me when looking at these. She is wicked talented.