Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Thematic Photographic 321 - Where you work

Where the magic happens
London, ON
December 2014
I'm a little slow getting this week's Thematic posted. Life, as they say, has been busy this week, and as workload has cut into sleep a little more than usual, I've decided to let my need to sleep win over my wish to blog. My bad, I know, but I can always write more once I've rested myself up. Thanks for your patience.

Given the reason for the two-day delay - Thematic is supposed to be a Monday thing - I thought it might be appropriate to zoom in on the reason for the busy-life thing. So welcome to my office. As you can see, it's admittedly minimalist to allow me to focus on the very monkish act of writing. The fewer distractions the better, so my little cocoon of creativity has a minimum of "stuff". In its place, a  ridiculously comfy chair, a similarly  ridiculously comfy desk, and an insulated stainless steel water cup courtesy of my lovely daughter.

Somewhere out of frame is a pile of chocolate chip cookies. Because I'm addicted. Please don't judge me.

That keyboard? I'd buy ten of them if I could, just to ensure I'll never run out of them. And that iPad is stuffed with countless hours of writing music. With enough tea in me, I could hang out here for a very long time, and I'd enjoy every minute of it. Indeed, I already do.

Your turn: Point the camera at your place of work and post the resulting pic to your blog or website (or Facebook, or Twitter...pretty much anywhere online will do.) Leave a comment here with a link back to it. Visit other participants to share the photographic happiness, and pop additional pics into the fray later in the week if you wish. Head here if Thematic is new to you. Or simply start shooting if you've done this before. Can't wait to see where you work, and to hear the stories behind it.


Gilly said...

Here is my boring work station!! Have a great Christmas, Carmi, and everyone else who posts here!

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I have my

Home office!

21 Wits said...

Well, since I'm eating a chocolate chip cookie at the moment I won't judge you one bit! I nearly missed this theme Carmi! But happy to say I'm still living the high of a fun day so here's mine!

M. Bouffant said...

Two Great Minds Dep't.: W/in secs. of seeing the theme at thunder's entry my title came to me: "Where The Magic Happens"!

Then I clicked, & my little heart was broken.

However, I was inspired to pile some of the clutter on another flat surface for a while & to use some cleanser on the coffee mug rings, so no hard feelings.

Season's Greetings & best for the New Yr. to all who visit (& work) here!

Bob Scotney said...

For those of us who have retired I found this difficult.