Friday, June 05, 2015

Watching TV in the morning

I haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately. Lots of reasons why, but one of the good ones revolves around my double-life as a talking tech head.

I've spoken to Canada AM a couple of times this week, and as always the experience was delightfully eye-opening and pinch-me-now fun. In case you missed the segments, the good folks at CTV posted them online. Here they are:
.sucks domains, and how companies can protect their reputations online
Monday, June 01
Interviewer: Beverly Thomson
Apps, Dark Web, Deep Web, and keeping your data safe
Thursday, June 04
Interviewer: Marci Ien
And, yes, I still find it a little surreal that I said the word "sucks" on national television and regulators didn't show up at my house afterward. I lead a crazy life.

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Gilly said...

You HAVE been busy - and early morning TV - I'm lost in admiration - its all I can do to get a cup of tea down me! Can you ease up a bit now? Too much adrenaline ruins sleep and a lot of other things!!