Sunday, July 19, 2015

Deer in the headlights

London, ON
June 2015
‎Do you ever walk around your car and look closely at it? Do you wander around the driveway and try to observe it from different angles? Do the neighbors look funny at you when you do?

Well, it's their loss. Because cars offer up all sorts of photographic fun, and you shouldn't let funny stares from others stop you from getting the shot. Unless it's their car, of course.

Fortunately, this was my wife's car, so it was fair game. And the headlight assembly was almost tailor-made for a bit of photographic exploration. I'm thinking this may be the beginning of an ongoing theme.

Speaking of themes, there's a bit of a self-portrait in this one if you look closely enough. Which reflects this week's Thematic there, the camera. We're still taking submissions - link here! - and a new theme will go live tomorrow (Monday...yay!) at 7pm Eastern.

Happy shooting. And may the road ahead always be well-lit.

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Gilly said...

Well no, I don't look at my car in that way! I get in, and go! But I do like your shots - far more interesting reflections than I get in the headlights! But I do think you'd like my cameras over on my thematic site! Way older than you are!! (