Friday, July 17, 2015

On making an impact

"A life isn't significant except for its impact on other lives."
Jackie Robinson
I think it's safe to say that Mr. Robinson's impact on other lives was positive, significant and resonant. He not only broke major league baseball's colour barrier, he did so with the kind of grace that taught lessons well beyond the diamond.

Your turn: How do you plan on impacting the lives of others?


Unknown said...

Well, since 2006 I've found a volunteer activity I am good at. Namely, to increase public awareness of pediatric brain cancer and the need for funding research. I've profiled some great kids, and this has become a matter of the heart.

rashbre said...

Hi Carmi - A very offbeat impact this evening - from my regular reading of Written Inc!

I was idly watching UK Channel 4 which was running a programme about people moving from the UK to new locations (Location, Location, Location).

All of a sudden a couple of Liverpudlians were on, moving first locally in Liverpool but then to...London, Ontario.

Well. I had to wind the programme back to watch the build up. They loved it, had a fine home and the show gave some great snippets of central London (your one), too.

Naturally they commented about the Canadian winter, but also embraced the local sport (ice hockey) whilst not being able to give up their Liverpool soccer team.

What made it fun were all the cutaway scenes of your London, which gave a good sense of the city, even in a short segment in a TV show.

Great fun and I could think - I know someone that lives there!

Ed (rashbre)