Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The most depressing corridor. Ever.

Tile, concrete, and little else
London, ON
May 2015
Thematic. Parallel. Here.
I find it hard to believe the architects who came up with this "design" were happy with the result. I just don't see them finishing up their drawings at the end of the day before excitedly high-fiving each other in professional triumph. If their goal was to inspire Eeyore to wander alone into the desert, mission accomplished.

This is as far from triumph as it gets, a built-to-a-price compromise made sadder by the fact that it's the norm rather than the exception. We can do better than building structures that look tired before the first coat of paint dries.


Gilly said...

Looks like some hospital corridors I've met!! Guaranteed to make you feel even worse - especially if you are being wheeled to theatre! ;(

Pat Tillett said...

I totally agree with you. From the looks of the walls, which seem to be made of concrete blocks. They spent nothing to make this corridor look pleasing to the eye AT ALL...